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  1. Does it have stock drums in back, and disc up front? Might be that the PO went with a different MC bore if he did some brake mods. Since the MC is not what came on the car it might be that it's already "newish". It looks new. If things work right, maybe just leave it alone.
  2. Looks like you're missing the spacer/adapter also that goes between the booster and MC. https://zcardepot.com/products/brake-master-cylinder-booster-aluminum-spacer-plate-240z-260z-280z?variant=19279175647345&currency=USD&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiAyc2BBhAaEiwA44-wW3ZsP-H-fUnyxq-qimqBGJrRq33HmeIh_yfhvkh2NYyYrS1l8tYQjRoC0U8QAvD_BwE
  3. This is the 280Z with the 3UZ swap? You should put your car info in a sig or just mention it every time. Looks like the PO had some skills and made a different master cylinder work. That stack of washers on the top bolt is a clue. Try to find out if the booster is correct for the car and look at 280Z master cylinders.
  4. Don't overlook the LSX engines. Fairly lightweight and powerful. And transmissions. That's the other spendy part about more power and different engines. And rear end. Big torque and sticky tires and you'll want more back there.
  5. If you browse around you'll find that the "turbo" motor is really only different in that it uses the P90 head, which has no liners in the exhaust ports, a J pipe, and a turbo exhaust manifold. People have bolted the turbo parts on to either of the other NA engines and made them work just fine using aftermarket engine management. If you want to make 350+ HP you'll need aftermarket engine management. So, all you really need are the J pipe and the exhaust manifold from a 280ZX. There might even be aftermarket suppliers for those parts. That's how I'd break it down. Just see wha
  6. Here's some stuff. Still relevant, but there's newer engine management now. It came from here: https://forums.hybridz.org/forum/90-l-series/
  7. It sleeps with the Edit function, apparently. And the fishes.
  8. Nope, nor Edit'ing allowed. Bumer. Ioriinc.
  9. Thanks Super Dan, it seems to work. Let's see if the Edit function is back. I hate to let my misspellings sit uncorrected.
  10. Hey Michael I feel like I should pseudo-apologize. I am not a real moderator. One of the real ones (RTz) gave me the "clandestine" title a few years ago because I like to get involved and help solve problems. But, I don't have any real power, and your message won't reach me. But, your message should reach SuperDan and I think that he is safe with your email address. p.s. my post "what is your email address?" was directed at SuperDan, since he didn't supply it. At this point there is no way to communicate with anyone on the site except through posts on the main for
  11. Even your own. And the Edit button is gone.
  12. Clicking on anyone's avatar gives the 500 error.
  13. Try the Contact Us at the bottom of the page.
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