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Distributor wire cut

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Those look like CAS wires.  With coil-packs, the distributor function is gone, so that's not the right word.  The modules are a bit sensitive, I think.  


Here's a vendor.  http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/121493-new-crank-angle-sensors-for-8283-280zxts-in-stock/


I've dinked around with later models (Pathfinder VG30E engine) and found that some people swap newer for older.  I don't know which comes on the 280ZX CAS's though, so don't know if this is relevant.  Here's an example.  RSB-07 replaces RSB-03.




If you have another car that uses that type of CAS you can plug in the questionable CAS to the good car, turn the key to On, and spin it by hand.  If it's good the injectors will click.  An easy way to tell if it's ECU or CAS.

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