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T5 swap from Muncie 4spd -questions

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My Z needs an overdrive. With 24" tires and the 4 speed, my Rpms at 60 mph are close to 3000.


I'm not sure of the dimensions of the T5 or the match with bell housing and clutch, basically, I need to know what all needs to change to run the T5 instead of the Muncie.


Also,there is a GM WC T5 and the Borg warner Ford version for the mustang.


Will either of those work the same as in bolt up?

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The WC T5 transmission is tilted15 degrees towards the driver.   The 15 deg tilt is absolutely no problem, I have done two.


Note that there is a V8 T5 and a V6 version of the T5 transmission. They have different spline counts.  You will need to get the V8 version.


So unless you want to make a special transmission mount you will need an 89 Camaro T5 bell housing, driveshaft, flywheel, clutch pressure plate/disk, throwout arm, throwout bearing, slave and a 7/8" clutch MC.  All of the forgoing components were for an 89 Camaro V8 WC T5 transmission.


Napa sells the slave. 


Both Tilton and Wilwood make clutch MCs that will work. On mine I swapped the 240Z  push rod for my Willwood push rod so the clevis would bolt up to the clutch pedal. The Wilwood MC is more compact than the Tilton. 


The Camaro slave uses a roll-pin hose connector. So you will need AN -3 SS braided hose and a -3 to roll-pin adapter/connector at the slave.  There is a parts list in a post in the Drivetrain section. Do some searching for details. As I recall both the Tilton and wilwood MCs come with -3 adapters to connect the -3 line to the MC if not Summit has them.



You will have to have the drive shaft shortened and balanced. Note: use a quality driveshaft shop!


I had the new flywheel  surfaced and then balanced with the clutch pack bolted on.


Be sure to get the driveline phasing (driveshaft angle) correct to avoid vibration.  Search the Driveline section for instructions.







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I wasn't sure if the mount I'm currently using would work or not.


Thanks for the info. It sounds like I need to think of the T5 swap in terms of starting from scratch. There must be no similarity between these two transmissions to where the change to the 5 speed over the 4 speed is easier then let's say a Datsun 4 speed.


That definitely changes my motivation. Makes me wish I had 2.73 axle ratio...

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How is the transmission mounted, MSA, JTR or home brew?  Post some pictures of the mount.


Recommend that you purchase the 240Z V8 swap manual from Jags That Run.  It has a lot of usable  information for new or updating engine swaps in Z cars.

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It looks home brew to me, but very clean. The motor does sit far forward in the car, you can see the entire bell housing easily, and my EFans are on the front side of the radiator.


I bought this car 2 weeks ago.


Will get this thing back on a lift and take pics.


Here is the motor- looks forward compared to other Z v8 swap pics I looked at.


Pics of trans mount



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Since the length of the T5 trans may be different than the Muncie, and that you have the engine forward installation,  you may want consider using a JTR or MSA V8 swap kit.  This will put the shifter in position with the shifter hole in the trans tunnel. See my pictures above.


If you are going to do the T5 swap you might as well pull the engine and transmission so you can get the engine closer to the firewall and the transmission in a better position using one of the swap kits. Take some time and research the dimensions for each transmission.  A tape measure will be your friend.


There are three swap kits available: MSA, JTR and John's cars. Each has pros and cons that you can  research here on HybridZ.   JTR is the most commonly used install kit, but there seem to be issues with getting the transmision/driveline/differential phasing dialed in. I used the MSA kits because the transmission mount (goes inside the tunnel) allowed easy alignment of the transmission when setting the driveline angle. The swap is not hard, but you have to pay attention to details.

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So I guess the swap done on this car isn't the correct way(loosely Frazed)considering the kits available today.


My guess is this swap was done 2 decades ago.


Look up Scarab 240Z. Many people copied the Scarab V8 swap with the engine forward. I have seen several V8 swaps from the 70s and 80s that used 2" x 2" sq tubing for engine mounts and a 2 ft section of angle iron for the rear transmission mount.  It gets the job done, but is not optimal. Again check out the JTR manual for details.


The T5 combined with a 3.54 differential makes a nice daily driver especially at freeway speeds.

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