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Aftermarket hub (NRG) horn / turn signal contacts?

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When I got my 240z, the previous owner jerry rigged a Grant steering wheel on a hub that I'm not even sure is stock. The horn never worked, (there was just no wiring at all for it all), and the turn signal indicators didnt turn off after you complete the turn.


I now have an NRG Hub, NRG Quick Release, and Sparco Steering wheel combo.


Can anyone snap a few pics / share what their horn / turn signal setup looks like? Even if its a stock setup it could help me determine how to "fabricate" something to make this street legal.



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Stock setup is pretty bad. Hard to get a nice crisp contact and trying to line up the auto cancel can be frustrating. Two switches one for left, one for right. Thick coiled radio wire with 20 gauge wires inside. No need to run a clock spring or anything fancy like that.

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