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SBC tuning question

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M_Dragan    0

Hi guys, I'm trying to give my sbc 10 - 12 degrees of initial timing. However when I do this, I can't bring the idle back down to 950, its stuck around 1500 rpm. I took a closer look at the carb (edelbrock 600 cfm) and it looks like the idle speed screw is completely disengaged from the throttle assembly. Has anyone else had this problem? FYI: choke is fully off and I can't pull the assemble closer to the speed screw. it feels like it won't go any further. Attached below is a picture of my problem. Thanks!


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grillhands    0

Make sure you disconnect your vac advance when setting intial timing. Are you using HEI ignition? Also, you may need to adjust your mixture screws. You have 3 types of timing: intial, vac, and mechanical.  Total timing should be around 36-39 depending on setup. Total timing is mechanical+intial.  Vac only comes in during cruising and goes to zero at full throttle.  Check your spring weights as well in your distributor 

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