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  1. Thanks for the tips! I’m definitely going to put the flange in between. I don’t see how it would ever come off otherwise lol. I’m going to do a ton of research, in your experience, how much do custom headers usually cost?
  2. Yeah I’m in that group, I just thought this would be a better forum to ask this question in
  3. Hey guys, looking at options for my build. Has anyone tried to install/make 180 degree headers on their v8 swap? I'm doing calculations on how I could move stuff around in my bay to make space at the moment. They sound amazing, any insight would be appreciated!
  4. I'm asking if you guys think I should be okay running it as is or if it will cause issues
  5. I don't know. The dowels didn't look damaged. I also would have to disassemble the entire engine
  6. Hey guys, I'm just finishing up my build and I came across a real street videos where they talked about proper seating of connecting rod caps. In the video they said that the dowels on the aftermarket rods can become misshapen if mounted unevenly. The problem is this happened to me twice. Once, the cap was just backwards and I didn't realize it. Second, it had seated fully seated over one dowel so it was uneven. Both times I caught the mistake before I yanked the bolts down. (Medium pressure). I had thought nothing of it and just corrected the problem. The issue is, in the video they say that the rods will no longer locate correctly and can cause major problems. What do you guys think? I have stock rods with the stock solid dowels. (Below is an example of the dowels) thanks guys
  7. Because it doesn't need to be done, here in California I can't find a place less than $100 to balance my crank. They said the crank it balanced without the internals, so as long at the internals are balanced to eachother (which they are) it's okay.
  8. The pistons aren't the same weight as stock. The pistons weights are equal to eachother though. Same with rods
  9. UPDATE: realstreet performance says the crank doesn't have to be balanced. As long as the internals are balanced to each other, as in rods equal the same weight as eachother and pistons equal the same weight, it's good to go.
  10. Yeah maybe I'll write them an email. I don't really want to do it if I don't have to
  11. Can anyone confirm this? I had it spun and the crank is straight and everything
  12. Sorry. Question was supposed to be whether or not balancing the crank was completely necessary given what he's doing.
  13. Hey guys, my brother is building an engine alongside me. He had to have the engine bored to .020 over and his new Weisco pistons are all about 61 grams lighter than stock and weigh within a gram or two of eachother. I was reading that since the 2JZ engine is naturally balanced that it's fine to leave as-is but I don't want to mislead him. Does he have to balance his crank? FYI: stock crank, stock rods, ACL bearings, max of 600hp, and max 6,200RPM like my build.
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