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Recently purchased a vintage race car with an upper intake part that doesn't look like my other 240Z. The car runs but I want to replace it due to damage. Has anyone seen this part before? Thanks in advance for the help.


Born a Datsun dealer, Breyley's Datsun sponsored race car that raced with Bob Sharp 3-11-1974 at US Champions Road Atlanta [CP] Car 11 Jim Bennett, http://wsrp.wz.cz/natus1974.html , didn't do well at all but still cool and more reason to bring her back from the dead. Also had some Speedvision TV time in 1999.








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Isn't that just a 260z N36 intake and balance tube? You appear to have a homemade EGR delete plate, and that chunked area of thread towards the firewall is where the EGR tube from the exhaust would have connected. It doesn't do anything now, and doesn't affect anything but aesthetics by being broken.


Also I'm no expert on carb spotting, but it seems like the front and rear carbs have been swapped so the float chambers are both towards the center of the motor rather than towards the ends.

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I've read that the n36 intake has larger runners than others, so that should give some performance increase if your motor can move the air to take advantage of it. Something similar regarding the n36 balance tube (yeah, they can be mixed and matched), it has a larger area and allows for more flow, but I can't say how much that matters with a balance tube. A "disadvantage" of this balance tube is the provisions for EGR, which are mostly cosmetic after that plate was installed.


My plan is to run an n36 intake on my l28, and I'm considering cleaning up the balance tube but that will wait until after I have it driving before I spend time making it look nice.

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