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  1. Thanks. Working on the interior dash, etc. at the moment. I found more metal work needed as I went along which has taken much longer than expected. In reality it may be another 6 months to complete. I will post more in a couple of weeks.
  2. Gmagno

    1972 240Z Race Car Build

    I apologize and have moved the thread.
  3. Seat is all the way back, even modified/removed metal to extend further back that stock.
  4. Help and advice needed please. I have searched everywhere and cannot find any info on this process. I want to shorten the steering column/shaft 3 inches for taller drivers. I have seperated the column, the top half is spring loaded, the inner shaft is male spline and connects to the bottom female shaft, 2 piece setup. Common sense tells me I need to cut the space between the dash mount and steering wheel. Worried about not getting the spring back in place properly after the cut/weld. I really don't want to screw this up since these columns are not off the shelf and not cheap. I just need someone to tell me its possible, or not. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. Moving along now. Welded the bung for the removable steering wheel. Finished up the Nascar bars and lower rear valance replacement. Cleaning up older welds, sandblasting doors and hood. The next step is mocking up the doors. I bought used factory hinges so the doors can open rather than be removed, faster in the pits this way. After doors, hatch and hood are mocked up and working well its on to the suspension so we know what to do with the fender flares.
  6. Thanks. I am hoping for the same but doubt it. My old blue Z was stock except the inside cage and weighed 2200. I am guessing this will be 2500.
  7. Sandblasting complete. Welding, welding, more welding, then nascar bar install before suspension mock up.
  8. Gmagno

    240Z ITB Install

    I want to change my stock SU setup to a more reliable solution for endurance racing. At first I was considering triple webers, then realized the ITB availability. I have looked at the options below and cannot find much info on others experiences with these products and suppliers, or if it's worth the expense. Should I choose the Megasquirt MS3-Pro or some other system to compliment this setup? Engine is an N42 L24 block but I think I may find it is bored out once I get the head off. Attempting to decipher the CAM numbers it references a 420-02 Cam tech grind CWC camshaft.. The tach in the car has a redline mark at 7000 RPM so maybe I have something decent here? If I find this is a 2.4 stock block, I have a rebuilt F54/P90 flat top I could use and just transfer the head/cam to this engine. Looking for experts on this. I am good at teardown and rebuild but no engineer. Thanks in advance for the help. 1. Top End Performance - Datsun Z Car Triple ITB Package with Air Horns or Air Filters. https://www.racetep.com/ztripitb-horns.html 2. EFI Hardware - Universal 6 Cylinder Throttle Body Kits. https://www.efihardware.com/products/c387/Universal-6-Cylinder-Throttle-Body-Kits 3. Datsun Spirit - DSI 50mm ITB setup. http://datsunspirit.com/shop/dsi-50mm-itb-setup/
  9. Looks like I barely missed having a 69 series 1.
  10. NICE!! Keep them alive and running...........Is that crankshaft planned weight distribution?
  11. Me either but R&D isn't cheap anymore, yet I understand your position. I have money to spend its just do I spend it just to have better wheel choices?
  12. I have the Futofab rear axle CV conversion kit. http://www.futofab.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=175:datsun-wcr-cv-axle-kits&catid=38:datsun-drivetrain&Itemid=122