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  1. Car is still in the mock up stage, slow going. I read enough to choose these. Pull the trigger and don't look back.
  2. Moving along on the suspension and engine mock up. Slow going.......
  3. From Edan at Silvermine. I will flip them whi week and post the outcome. "Looking at the pic, I think you need to flip the LCA. the flat side should be facing up. But I don't know why the sway bar is so narrow. weird."
  4. Thanks @silverado22c, I will post once I get it and attempt the changes. Thanks to everyone for the replies.
  5. Is this what you are suggesting? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075FM9GMH/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_MfBtDbMR9QH39 Sometimes the obvious is overlooked. Thanks for this, it jump started my brain cells again.
  6. Wondering if after I stretch the sway bar to fit if I can still get more stretch by adjusting the LCA the way it's currently mounted?
  7. Nothing is original and everything modded from 1970. Some things replaced the same due to deterioration. We kept the same specs on width.
  8. Found out the LCA's are from Silvermine. Checking with Edan now.
  9. I appreciate all the replies and in hindsight should have posted these pics earlier. Let me know your thoughts. Biggest question again is, can I adjust the lower control arm out on each side if the sway bar is already stretched to the max width? Maybe the end links @silverado22c mentioned is my total solution?
  10. I am, but haven't yet. just don't know how the lower control arm can be adjusted out any with sway bar installed, being as tight as it will be once I get it to fit. Didn't call Dave yet. Looking for feedback and planned on sending him a link to this thread.
  11. I will upload more pics tomorrow. Sway Bar info here. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/stq-50100/applications
  12. No, pic is deceiving, sway bar end link is leaning against caliper.
  13. Mocking up the front suspension on the race car and ran into an issue. Sway bar is too short to match up with Arizona Z lower control arm mounts. Logic tells me i can narrow the distance by drilling another hole and move the lower control arm in an inch on each side. Dimensions of another 1973 240Z I have below along with current 1970 240Z race car. My question is, if I narrow the distance to fit the sway bar, how narrow to allow lower control arm adjustments and will the sway bar stretch? Thanks in advance for the help. 1973 240 Z Stock 1970 240Z Race car 51
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