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New Bushings - Car is sitting too high

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Hi, I had all of the suspension bushings replaced with new rubber bushings by my mechanic.  I went over to see it and we then installed the new wheels/tires.  After putting the car on the ground the car looks like it is sitting too high, particularly in the rear.  My mechanic told me the suspension would settle after a bit, but I'm concerned it's more than that.  Does anyone have any idea, will it "settle" enough to look more stock?  This is a 76 280z with the original suspension.  Thanks!





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Welcome to the forum.


You posted in the FAQ section which does not allow posting. Please take a moment to make sure you are posting in the technical section that allows posting.


That looks a bit high. Did he make sure not to torque the components until they had load on them? Or at least set to operating range? New springs and such will settle, but bushings holding the car up seems to be a potential binding issue. Hard to tell without a previous photo or a shot of some of the work.

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