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74' 2+2 New Build + Question

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Hi all,


I am a first time poster but long time reader. I'll go ahead and introduce the car and background.


Last year i was looking for a dedicated track car and came across a 74' 260z 2+2. I had never really looked at the S30 but got hooked pretty quick. The car was nearly rust free and drove but needed some love. I bought the car for $1500 delivered.


My plan for the first track season was to freshen the car up and upgrade components thay made sense.


To cut the story short i have had endless trouble getting the car running good with twin carbs on the L6. I have 3 sets of carbs right now... Worth a used 350 and transmission...


Based on my future power goals and the time and money i have spent on the L6 it just doesn't seem worth it. I caved and decided that a V8 swap was in my future. 


So I bought the JTR manual, which I have to say for any other neebies, is mandatory.


The manual is great and I am planning to get a 76-80 4bbl motor and 82+ camaro T5.


My question is what driveshaft should be used with a 2+2 car?


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10 hours ago, marinez said:

Depending on what you're doing for a transmission, the stock one, modified for length and of course the correct u-joint. 


Okay thanks.

The driveshaft was one thing I was not clear on.

So if I take it to a driveshaft shop with the u-joints they should be able to fix it all up right?

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