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74' 2+2 New Build + Question

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Hi all,


I am a first time poster but long time reader. I'll go ahead and introduce the car and background.


Last year i was looking for a dedicated track car and came across a 74' 260z 2+2. I had never really looked at the S30 but got hooked pretty quick. The car was nearly rust free and drove but needed some love. I bought the car for $1500 delivered.


My plan for the first track season was to freshen the car up and upgrade components thay made sense.


To cut the story short i have had endless trouble getting the car running good with twin carbs on the L6. I have 3 sets of carbs right now... Worth a used 350 and transmission...


Based on my future power goals and the time and money i have spent on the L6 it just doesn't seem worth it. I caved and decided that a V8 swap was in my future. 


So I bought the JTR manual, which I have to say for any other neebies, is mandatory.


The manual is great and I am planning to get a 76-80 4bbl motor and 82+ camaro T5.


My question is what driveshaft should be used with a 2+2 car?


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10 hours ago, marinez said:

Depending on what you're doing for a transmission, the stock one, modified for length and of course the correct u-joint. 


Okay thanks.

The driveshaft was one thing I was not clear on.

So if I take it to a driveshaft shop with the u-joints they should be able to fix it all up right?

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Okay so maybe it is best if I just make a new topic for this but after thinking things over considering budget I think I am best off with the turbo 350 instead of the T5. I also want the swap to be complete for some events late in the season and I feel that the T5 stuff is where I will waste a lot of time.

Also considering the myriad of people who so the T5 will be on borrowed time behind a 300hp 350 has made me decide to go a different direction... Oh and I can't find a decent one for less than $700.


I know people complain about highway rpm with the TH350 which I completely understand having had that problem with a manual swapped BMW years ago. However this is a track car and I could care less what my cruising rpm is as long and the gear combination can get me to 120 mph. 



So my actual question(s).

-Will the T5 JTR cross member still work for the 350? (I already have my kit)

-Is there a good write up on the using the T350 for the swap? JTR doesn't even bother putting it in their  swap guide.


It seems that it should be the simplest transmission to put in. 

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