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Guidelines for this sub-categrory and why the need...

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Mikelly    115

OK Gang, So we've started a private forum for the Windtunnel test data. We aren't sure who may decide to come over from other sites to enjoy the

fruits of our hard labor, and we're not sure how this whole "magazine/artilce/web-zine" kinda thing may or may not play out, but we don't want to miss out on an opportunity, if one exists.


So here's the deal: You must have joined HybridZ by May 1st, 2007 to get approval to access this site. I believe this will weed out the interlopers and allow us to protect the info and allow only our members to have access. You guys and gals donated the money to make this happen, so it's your data.


The pictures and video from the events of the day, along with the test data will be published in this forum only. What you folks post outside of this sub-forum will eventually filter out into the rest of the Zcar community. So the responsibility of controlling this data is in your hands.



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Jesse OBrien    12

This is some really really great information. So great, in fact, that I feel bad that I didn't have a hand in paying for it, but I definitely get the payoff. I just read through the whole sub-category, and I think I absorbed about 90% of it. Aero still isn't my specialty, but we'll get there someday.


Back to my point, is there somewhere we should be donating to see more tests like this? Possibly something about weight distribution, ideal traction, breaking points of drivetrain, etc? I'm really happy with this, and would love to contribute to getting more good info like it.

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