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  1. Figured I’d stop in... Catch everyone up on what I’ve been up to. Since I sold the Zcar, I’ve actually been able to chase my dreams of racing cars. I’ve been racing a Porsche 944 in spec series racing with NASA and PCA both. I’ve been having so much fun that I got all competitive and stuff and won some trophies, the 944Cup in PCA and set the track record with NASA in 944Spec at VIR. This was the dream I’d hoped to achieve with the Zcar. I found happiness in a Porsche 944 making 137WHP and weighing in at 2260 dry and empty. I’m not here to piss on the Zcar. I learned a ton o
  2. Last of the parts are loaded into the car and the car is ready for transport pickup. I fell in love with Datsun Zs when I was 16 years old. I saw my first on at a car dealership in the town I grew up in. It was a 72 orange in color, black interior. And I couldn't afford the insurance, so I bought a 1973 Celica instead. Over the years my love of these cars went from stock to mild to wild transitions and those transitions took me further and further away from the roots, the true purpose of the original Datsun S30 platform. The reason I fell in love with the car in the first place. I
  3. THanks for the kind words gang. Check received. Awaiting funds to clear the bank. I don't anticipate any issues. I'm happy she is going to a member here! Mike
  4. Journey slowly beginning to come to an end... I am starting to amass the data, software and build records for the buyer, a member of hybridz. I am glad it's going to a good home far away from my zipcode so I don't have to see her with another guy. Mike
  5. Check the for sale section - end of an era... She is being sold. Thanks!
  6. Sasha is back at home and doing well. We will reinstall the trans components and see how it goes. Hoever, I will be sidelined for a bit while we find out if there is something significant going on with my wife's health. Unfortunately, Donna had an unfavorable exam yesterday and we are going to start down the path of finding out if she has lung cancer or not, along with heart related issues. All the sudden cars and other things in life don't matter anymore.
  7. Hoping to get an update from Jamie At RiverCitySpeed this week.
  8. It has a lot to do with the way you mount the back of the block to a four arm engine stand. Stay away from mount holes near the BOTTOM of the block and make sure the bolts are appropriate METRIC size steel with appropriate length to penetrate the full depth of the hole and then take up the "space required with approprate steel flat washers so you don't bottom the bolts out in the holes.
  9. Update, We pulled vacuum after relocating the bleed tube for the steam fittings and the motor now has no air pockets. Also, as I suspected, pulled the trans and the crack at the rear oil galley plug Jamie fixed actually cracked on the back of the block as well. Motor is strapped up inside the car and the car will go to Jamie Taylor to address this and a few other minor issues as well. Pics on my FB wall at Mikes Hobby shop. You guys who are scratching your heads should know a few things... The internet is filled with stories of LS aluminum blocks CRACKING. That's number one. N
  10. Chasing down a leak in the coolant system. Spent several hours over the last few days pressurizing the system. I'll continue tomorrow, but I think the motor is going to have to come appart. Ain't looking good.
  11. Sounds like he high sided when he tried to get back in his lane. I sold my motorcycle in 2014 after 30 years riding motorcycles on public roads. I don't miss it and I have a sense of concern for everyone in my circle of family and friends who do. If it's not the distracted idiots, it's avoiding road debris, animals, or being caught by Darwin while being human. All that said, It sounds very much like john died doing what he enjoyed doing, and that is all that most of us would hope for.
  12. From John's Wall Through the shop: A Celebration of Life John Robert Coffey Please join us at 12 o’clock noon On Saturday, May 7, 2016 To share stories, laughter and memories. Waterfront Hilton Hotel 21100 Pacific Coast Highway Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Tides Ballroom – Casual Attire RSVP TiaMarie Harrison tiamaries@msn.com or in comments below.
  13. When I had my meltdown and left the HZ ranks as an admin, John was the ONE GUY who talked with me, texted with me, and was "that guy" who just said "Let it go man, move on and know you contributed a lot". He contributed 100X thru his level headed approach to everything he did. Just told my wife in the 18 years I knew him, I'd met him 4 times face to face, and spoken with him on the phone a number of times. He NEVER said a bad thing about anyone, and I never heard him lose his temper with anyone. John Coffey was the classiest of class acts and he will so be missed. Time is precious a
  14. The cap failed initially, which we fixed by swapping a cap from another car, but the bigger problem was it went from holding steady with no issues 190-198 to 234 fast when we shut it down. Matt Shue caught it in time, but this doesn't appear to have been brought on by anything associated with the dyno. Car didn't make a SINGLE W/O pass. He was adjusting idle and had started working on part throttle drive-ability... as in like 5 minutes worth of driving on the dyno... MAX.
  15. Total bust... The motor overheated while Matt Shue was doing part throttle tuning. We drained and checked the radiator and hoses and they checked out fine. We then checked the engine and could not find where the issue was. Matt was using a vacuum tool to test the components and we could not get the cooling system within the engine to draw vacuum at all... Here's the kicker... Zero oil in the water, and zero water in the oil. I'm perplexed at this point and more than a bit disappointed.
  16. Should have Dyno Numbers later today... Hopefully there will be no issues with the car... Stay tuned!
  17. This list of things to get it ready for the dyno day is getting short... I need to adjust the "attitude" in the engine bay (straighten it) and burp the coolant system (T-stat wasn't cycliing) along with cleaning the rest of the chemical powder out of the car from the fire extinguisher "event". Before the track weekend end of April I need to replace the front rotors and button up a handful of small things... Getting close to getting some solid data and solid video. Then it'll be ready for the market...
  18. Keith it was in my shop. I was welding up a couple of patch panels to cover the old trans mount points. The panels were underside of the car and the car was on the lift in the air... No way to get to it in time for it not to prevent damage. I spent about 2 hours repairing wiring and then another 3 hours trying to clean fire extinguisher chemical powder out of everything.
  19. Figured this would be worth posting here...Picked the car up from RiverCitySpeed on Tuesday... Caught her on fire on Thursday afternoon... Yup... BIG fire in the passenger side footwell... Was pretty scary. https://www.facebook.com/Rivercityspeed/videos/10154158849414095/
  20. Rags, You should consider new rotor hats... They're about $100 apiece...
  21. More notes for myself here... GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor Diameter: 12.88 Width: 1.25 Rotor Bolt Circle(s): 12 x 8.75 GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor Drawing GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor Description Wilwood's GT 48 Curved Vane Spec-37 rotors are manufactured from a proprietary iron alloy developed to withstand extreme temperatures with the highest possible degree of resistance against distortion, warping, cra
  22. All that work is courtesy of RiverCitySpeed in Richmond Va.
  23. Most of you won't know him, because he lurked here mostly. MOST of you will know his work through CobraMatt's Zcar build thread and a mention or three in my own build thread. John Brown died yesterday evening after a bad karting accident. John had a passion for racing and was a pretty hot shoe and talent at the wheel, helping his team to second place in their first ever AER race last fall. He lived life and loved all things motorsport related. John was a young man formally educated in engineering who gave up the cube farm to follow his passion in the motorsports industry. John worke
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