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2JZGTE in a 1992 Z32

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I'll use this thread as my platform for people to follow along my build process.


Here's what I have: A 1992 300zx TT 5spd. I've pulled the VG30DETT and 5spd and sold it all except the car. I prefer the look of the Z32 to ALL cars, so that's why I refuse to sell the car inspite of my growing dislike of the VG motor.


I am looking to use a 2JZGTTE with an Auto setup for drag. Convert to a single turbo and go big on stock block and built head.


I hope to build the head with around the power plant HKS 264/264 cams and +1 OS valves. A custom P&P along with titanium retainers, bronze guides, HD springs and Cometic Head gasket.


My goal is 500whp, 10sec quarter mile and fully street legal from the driveway to the track.

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