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  1. I was wondering if you'd be so nice to help me by measuring that tranny for me? I am trying to get the specs for how much, if any, cutting will need to be done on my Z32. Not to be picky BUT, I was hoping to get a few measurements: Total length Bell width and then a more complicated measurement... at what length from the bell does it reach it's 'tunnel' size? And what is the tunnel size? Height and width. Thanks and sorry, I am thinking about keeping the stock 2JZ auto when it comes in but if I can't fit it I might go with the TH350 instead. since I'd be forced to d
  2. I figured... What about the Trans... is it the A340? I suppose they use the same one for the turbo also?
  3. So to be clear... this is or is not the Twin Turbo? (I only ask because I am not sure what VVTI is)
  4. +1mm oversized valves will fit the stock seats BUT do you actually gain the performance of using oversized valves if the seats are the same size? That's probably a catch all question, concerning all motors... but when I put the OS valves in my Jetta they had to be reseated to accomodate th larger valve... It seems to me that if the valve is bigger you won't actually gain much CFM without the actually seat being larger as well. I must be confused, straighten me out here guys.
  5. Sorry, I meant the entrance to the Transmission slot... The LS1 Bell housings are 1.5 inches taller and 1 inch wider on each side... Does that fit still?
  6. Does anyone have a picture of the firewall for this conversion? I know that the TH350/400 is taller and wider, so I'm sure some mods would be required.
  7. One last thing, I agree that you're right. It would be best for me to leave it to a professional... But DIY=Greatness and when I am 50 (twice my age now) I'll be glad I did it myself!
  8. Interesting fact about the Ferrai! I imagine though that it was due to Highway noise, not power. Ferrari is not known at all for torque, so the only logical explanation there, to me, is that the aluminum was too loud in vibration (install a center carrier bearing and that would go away though.) As for RWT, I agree it is more important in Low RPMs. On the other hand once the tires have established contact and forward motion is taking place I hardly think that 600RWT @ 7K would make a difference. On the other hand if you were making 600RWT @ 4K, like in a Naturally aspirated built Viper. E
  9. Here's the setup, (motor/Trans) 2JZGTE/A340E -------> R230 (Differential) I plan on making 500-600rwhp for a good while. I want to build the custom driveshaft out of aluminum. Do you think that 2.375 x .154 is strong enough for aluminum at that power level? Should I be thinking larger diameter pipe? or thicker pipe? Thanks
  10. That's really heavy since some tow trucks weigh in at 4500! hahaha I guess add a bit more weight and a tow hitch. The power is there I guess. hehe
  11. Tht kind of money just to buy a 350 and pull the motor??? yikes...
  12. That's right where the Z32 is at as well... big cars with hardcore suspension
  13. I'll use this thread as my platform for people to follow along my build process. Here's what I have: A 1992 300zx TT 5spd. I've pulled the VG30DETT and 5spd and sold it all except the car. I prefer the look of the Z32 to ALL cars, so that's why I refuse to sell the car inspite of my growing dislike of the VG motor. I am looking to use a 2JZGTTE with an Auto setup for drag. Convert to a single turbo and go big on stock block and built head. I hope to build the head with around the power plant HKS 264/264 cams and +1 OS valves. A custom P&P along with titanium retainers, br
  14. I'm trying to figure out how a TH400 with boostwerx adapter would fit into a Z32 but does anyone know if someone is even running this setup?
  15. I am in the same boat... I'm not fnding alot either. Most of the info seems to be Datsun and 240 based info. I just don't think there's alot of people who see the relivance in getting rid of a VG to a 2JZ. I do, but whatever. I think the main issues to tackle are going to be: 1-Oil sump, because even the stock VG is a tight fit between firewall and crossmember, it might require a slightly modified setup 2-Radiator fitment, that's a long SOB and the Z32 does not have a long engine bay. It may require an angled rad setup between the headlights and definetely an electric fan. I do
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