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  1. Hello all, I have a friend that is giving me his KA out of his 95 240sx an I was entertaining the idea of putting it into my 74 240Z..I have searched for about six hours now and I know about the clearance issue w/the pan. (either McKINNEY or a custom mount),the trans cross member(once again McKINNEY or custom), fuel is an upgrade to a better flowing pump(since the 74 260s had an eletric pump already) and i planned on leaving the motor stock for a while (so stock ecu) and in just a little confused on the actual wiring up of the KA to my S30.... Do any guys that have done this swap have any ideas/advice for me?
  2. just make sure all the lines are ran right... not that hard
  3. yeah it just twist off...... but make sure to clean the magnet while your in there
  4. THAT is weird... I figured it was on all the time to keep the line with a certain PSI
  5. lol for ease I actually moved my filter to the engine bay ( I am not a small guy and dont like getting on the ground) and I plan on installing one more smaller filter before each of my carbs. on another note if you want a stock pump at some point let me know...
  6. I got my 74 260z started without the pump(i had to reroute the fuel lines) but you can go to your local parts house and pick up an aftermarket pump for around $70 so why not replace it?
  7. im simply doing a favor for a friend ... so i dont care about the sarcasm
  8. I actually drove his car last night and with the tein ilovers and the eibach swaybars. and the BRAND NEW nitto 555's its a blast to drive and the added fun of a six speed makes it just a sheer pleasure to drive.
  9. This listing is for a buddy of mine he want to trade his 2003 350Z for an RB powered S30 (prefers an RB25det) for more info please email phillip_may91@yahoo.com
  10. LOL WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was born and raised in Auburn AL.
  11. cleaned the stock shifter..... If anyone wants/needs this pm or e-mail me at phillip_may91@yahoo.com
  12. got the bullet mirror mounted with new hardware \/\/after^^before see anything missing......alo i installed the "warning lights" yeah thats what is missing ,But why? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyeaaaaaaaahhhhhh
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