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  1. Well, thats another little bit done now, coil overs are next, if you guys caught my thread in the suspension area. But my list of things I want to do is getting bigger and bigger.
  2. The car is now back home riding on 275s up the back, I haven't finished up the front fitment yet, but I will be sending the front wheels off for an offset change and will have to get the angle grinder out to remove unwanted inner guard that the wheels will foul on. But one step at a time these days.
  3. All back together and out of the panel shop and straight into the tyre shop. The 275s will go on the rear, the 245s up front and new springs to raise it up have to go in. All in all I am happy with the work that has been done, but it makes me find other things that now have to be done.
  4. @jhm the flares are the Marugen Shoukai deluxe versions of the works kit flares. The ducktail spoiler is also from this kit.
  5. Time to put it back together and start some adjustments in the suspension and tyres. White tyre writing is a must when it is all done.
  6. Got an update of my car today. It should be one colour again later this week. Doors had all the rust repaired in them correctly. I now have to get the offset on my front wheels changed and some wider tyres all round.
  7. Just a couple of new photos, I am pretty happy with the top photo. I also have some new parts on the way
  8. Uhh yeah....new baby means no z time ever We will see...
  9. Need to raise the car a little bit, hopefully I will get time this weekend, but I suspect I will be busy with a new baby!!!
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