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  1. Looks good to me, you're gonna get rust no matter what and 1000 for a 71 seems pretty fair in my book. Paint still seems to be there for the most part I say go for it man.
  2. Wow this thread took off, I'm going to post updated pics soon of mine
  3. @KG280z, I'm loving that grey. What grey is that?
  4. Nice It's not that hard to do, But a real pain in the bottom. I'm glad you liked the outcome, I did.
  5. I got it now. I had to drop my gas tank to get to some of the bolts on the passanger bumper shock in order to remove it. I agree if you're going to shave the holes in the rear do it the right way with sheet metal that's how I did mine. Good luck
  6. This is why I love Harbor Freight, they always have great deals and low prices. I picked up an engine stand for $39.99 yesterday every where else they were $80+
  7. Call me a hater or whatever you want but my .2 cents, you butchered the shiz outta your car I mean why change a good thing. 300zx lights need to stay on a 300zx. This is completely my opinion, to each their own.
  8. Must have missed one. It's somewhat of a Botch to take off the gas tank but not too hard just make sure to hold it up with a jack so it doesn't come down hard on you. I also had to violently shake the bumper shock off of mine so it could come off not that much of a biggie I did everything in around 40 mins. Let us know how it went.
  9. I want these wheels for my z, what you think? Work VS-XX
  10. Good start, are you planning to remove those bumper shocks?
  11. Sparks, I'm liking that orange I can just imagine that with some black 17x10 wheels it gives me the chills.
  12. Sure why not, Nice I just bought one of these 2 days ago for $50 bucks. Apperantly the guy swapped in an Ls1 engine and had nowhere to put the L28et so it was either the trash or me so I picked it up, it has a new head on it too.
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