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  1. I started this project in 2010 when i first bought the car, and i havent had a project thread here about it yet so i figured id write one up. the car as it was when i got it. had seats im pretty sure were from a zx.. they couldnt even be bolted down. only the front right blinker worked as far as lights go. had the stock l24 with an arizona z car intake manifold and holly 350 carb. one of the previous owners had repainted the car blue, and everything in the engine bay....blue. had alot of runs, looked like shit. car had a few dents and dings and scrapes. interior panels were also blue and not holding up very well. had alot of surface rust inside and out. only underneath the battery tray and the floorboards had holes from rust. yup, everythings blue. bought a service manual and some extra reading material. I began stripping the car down to the chassis to prep for some restoration type work. Once everything was out and it was just the rolling chassis, i towed it over to american stripping company in sacramento to get media blasted and primer dipped. they had some nice rides getting work done there. i started buying more parts in the spare time while the car was there. Then the car was ready to come back home. after this, i sourced a guy in my local area who does body work and had him straighten the body, remove dents on all the panels and all that good stuff. this was all back in the first year of owning the car. I have gotten back on the project in the past month as i returned from a deployment overseas and had ample money to throw down. i started removing the sound deadening from the rear that was still stuck and then i treated the area with POR-15. I bought a miller welder and stitch welded a few spots on the front of the car. I painted the engine bay white(better to identify where leaks are coming from) and the interior black. I cut the fenders and installed the fender flares, removed the rear wheel bearings, bought a bunch more parts, and started laying fat mat in the interior. some stitch welds engine bay in white parts: full weatherstripping kit, full poly urethane kit, msa sway bars, nardi classic mahogany, fakey bride bucket seat, koni shocks, arp extended studs, lug nuts, wilwood 1" brake master. not shown: diamond racing wheels 15x10 -25, , T3 weld yourself coilover kit. line up the flares, mark holes and edge, cut edge and drill holes, place nut inserts and tack weld in place, cut and shape garage door bottoms to make a seal for the edge. bolt up. I also installed the fender mirrors. interior painted black. i figure it doesnt have to be perfect as its gonna get covered in fat mat, carpet kit, and trim pieces(which i still need to buy new black ones) started laying fat mat As for the motor, I purchased a most likely well-known motor on this site... Docaam's rb25 neo 6 He mentioned wanting to build an NA rb30 i believe. almost everything from this engine bay is coming my way in several weeks time. here is the link to his build thread if you havent seen it. its very inspirational. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/104889-project-rb-z/?hl=rb-z And so thats where im at right now.
  2. betamotorsports does not have any gland nuts at the moment :/
  3. ya 8610-1437 is the one that the betamotorsports write up says to use. the only difference is the gland nuts which are sold seperately.
  4. i just ran into the same problem. i did some searching and found this website has the konis for pretty damn cheap. http://thmotorsports.com/i-99255.aspx?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=99255NOFITMENT&utm_campaign=GoogleShoppingSeanNOFITMENT&adtype=pla&kw=&gclid=CLOsvYbEzrYCFeeDQgoda3wA5A then just order the gland nuts from betamotorsports
  5. started my zg flare install today. didnt make it too far before a migrane set in though I painted the engine bay white the other day and removed the sound deadening from the rear the day before that.
  6. I placed an order with them 10 days ago and the money was charged. the next day i get an email from them saying quote "your order was refunded". the email said nothing else. the money was not actually refunded. I sent them an email, since that is the only way to contact them as they have no telephone apparently, and got no reply. I just sent them a second email. anyone else have trouble with them or even good feedback?
  7. Anyone in the northern california area ever buy a motor from venus-auto.com out of sacramento? Regardless of whether you have or not, are there any other companies in the sac/fairfield/bay area that import motors and are known to be reliable? I contacted venus auto and when available(1 crate per month), they sell rb25's for 2 grand, rb25 neo 6 for 2500. "all the motor swaps come with complete engine w/ uncut wire harness, manual transmission, MAF sensor, Ecu, drive shaft and cross member"
  8. im not saying i cant get my stuff to comply, it does. i want to do motorswaps as well though, and im not exempt from the CHP highway checks either. my main point is if i go back to georgia, or florida where my dads at, i wont have to even think twice about any of this garbage at all.
  9. i really wish you hadnt compared motor swaps and engine mods to banging your sister.... and my solution to this whole ordeal? getting the hell out of CA as soon as the military lets me change stations. until then im keeping my car on base most of the time. our cops only care about current tags. maybe go back home to georgia. coincidentally, people apparently bang their sisters there so maybe they wont care about my car.
  10. dunno if you wanna trek it, but i just dropped my z off here... http://www.americanstrippingsacramento.com/ they gave me a rough quote of ~2100-2300 for micromineral blast, metal repair, primer spray. thats for exterior, interior, engine bay, no underbody. family owned and their website does a great job explaining what they do/answering questions. told me turn around time right now is about 2 weeks.
  11. was 23 last year, had owned a 240sx for ~5 years. originally wanted any pre-75 car within reach to byapass smog here in CA. had the best idea ever, get a Z. found it on c-list needing some work for 1600.
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