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  1. I do not have 12v going to the coil. I have 5.6, and the FP runs when the coil is connected. But I do not have 12v that drops to 5.6. It is only 5.6.
  2. According to the wiring diagram on DIY Autotune, the + side of the coil connects to the fuel pump, which is why I mentioned it. So, when I complete the circuit the fuel pump kicks on. In reference to your comment, I had this MS professionally installed 5 years ago. Have never had any problem out of it. I did some work on this car that had it out of commission for awhile. One of the things I did was the maxi-fuse upgrade, and while freshening up the car I found a bad connection on the ground for the coil. I had previously thought I had the coil was dying on me. So, I fixed the connection.
  3. I imagine this coil is probably good. I'm only getting 5.6 volts to the positive terminal. Fuel pump will kick on when it's hooked up, Thoughts?
  4. Okay. Thanks. Could you tell me if the secondary resistance is acceptable?
  5. I have a thin sheet of rubber wrapped around my coil, between the coil and the coil bracket. Is this a problem? Because I'm not getting spark right this second, and I think the coil is good. I've got an Accel Super Stock 8140c with 1.6 ohms on the primary and 7.05k at the secondary, which I believe is within range (definitely for the primary, pretty sure for the secondary) I can't remember exactly why I put that piece of rubber in there at the moment. I think it was because I had moved the coil bracket mounting location and noticed that the bracket wasn't tight enough to clamp aro
  6. I suppose it's possible. It's just a little weird that the OUT would be the top nipple. But, that may be what it is. I'll swap em and see what it does.
  7. I just put my car back together after my budget restoration. I had removed the fuel tank and painted it. When I reinstalled it, I had some difficulty finding anything to reference where the fuel tank nipples connect to, but I connected the bottom nipple to the outgoing fuel filter. The fuel pump is kicking on, and there is a little gas in the bottom of the filter, but it doesn't seem to be building pressure. I replaced the rubber lines under the car and have them tightly hose-clamped into place. If it matters, my car does not have a charcoal canister under the hood. The metal fuel
  8. No no, didn't go too far with that. You did take that murderous rage and do something productive with it.
  9. I wish I could've seen his face when you told him that. Did he say anything back? Nice symbolism on the Captain Morgan gift. In my case, I had no interest staying in business. The boss liked my ideas before he started downplaying them. I think he found it a little insulting that I'd rather wait tables and have fun rather than go make money, even if it would've been working for someone else. I was good at what I did. It was odd to see that from a supposed greenhorn in his early 20's when the average age of everyone there was...something higher than that. I think what I enjoyed most was al
  10. Well, when I said you work the brain like any other muscle...whatever you do to it has an effect whether you intend it or not. Of course no one wants to be depressed, but not doing anything can put that on you. Kinda like how if you don't move you're more apt to be a wiry dude with a gut. You can't help but get input from your environment. It's going to effect you one way or another, just a matter of whether you're conscious of it and what output you wanna get. I'm oversimplifying it a bit I think, but that's what I meant. This was really encouraging to read. My boss did something simila
  11. He was a shy, 27 year old commercial airline pilot with a dark sense of humor. He loved doing Quagmire impressions over the intercom while he was flying. I'm (currently) an amateur standup comic. He was very encouraging when I decided to take a chance and quit my day job. The great thing about him is that I couldn't give anyone the picture of him that I had without it taking the 15 yrs that I knew him. I suppose that's true of anyone, but I've rarely felt that way about people. He was responsible for a lot of good in my life. Suicidal depression is definitely something worth talking a
  12. I'll attach a few more that I have at the moment. The car is an hr and a half away right now. I'll get some better pics when its totally finished. I assume you're wondering about the quality of the roller job. If the body work isn't perfect, it'll stick out. There are a few spots on the car that show but only if you're looking for it. For a $70 paint job I'm pretty satisfied. I do have some pics of the door jambs I'll post also. I still have to polish it though. Attached is a pic of my 78 Toyota I painted the same way. I uploaded some of the other pics I took while I was work
  13. I can't figure out how to edit. My apologies. I wanted to say that I used Bad Dog frame rails, Black Dragon dog legs and frame reinformcements (for the frt sway bar, to help stiffen it up after I repaired the hole), Black Dragon weatherstripping kit. And I used a RT rear dif mount. On a side note, my last work on the car was stone cold sober. But, that was because beer probably wouldnt help the feeling that comes with laying underneath a car in the exact spot where someone just ended their life. The mood was sober, I'll put it that way. To everyone who gave me advice during t
  14. I just posted a few pics to be brief. It was primer grey, matte black hood, cowl and access doors. The body was COVERED with glazing compound. It was like a friggin M&M. I spent I know two weeks, sanding with like 80 grit and a mouse sander, chiseling with a hammer and screwdriver. Dear Lord. Paint it Rustoleum Gloss White, I painted it with a roller. Welded in new dog legs, new frame rails, welded the gas neck to the body, patched a hole in the left quarter. had to patch a hole where the left side of the front sway bar mounts to the frame. A rectangular sized piece of metal had be
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