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  1. Looking for a rb oil pan rear sump,am socal would rather pick it up,Paypal ready hit me up thanks
  2. Finally found my l28et swap,since I have a 240z i still need a fi gas tank with return lines,Am socal will drive to pick up,cash or paypal thanks
  3. Looking to a complete l28et for my 240z swap,looking for stock set up or mild.prefer socal am in the ie thanks
  4. Am looking for a l28et for my 72z,Am socal really don't want to buy out of state thanks,
  5. Well my budget was 5grand I had already sourced a vq for 1500 engine tranny ecu all the sensors but wasn't sure 3500 could get it in my car running?
  6. I've thought long and hard about which engine I'm gonna put in,rb25det neo is what I'm gonna go with.I've found a shop that would be willing to sell me a complete engine 5spd trans and a rear sump for 2300 shipped is that a good price?What have you guys paid for your engines?
  7. Been trying to get a hold of them for 2 weeks no luck
  8. Is there a sticky on how to install a sr20det into a z?
  9. Hey anyone In southern cali actually finish this swap?I was gonna swap a vq35de but plans had to change,Money issues so looking for a cheaper swap.So anyone in southern cali actually do it id love to see it talk mostly just check it out
  10. How bout this one,everywhere john coffee goes he brings a Grande with him
  11. I've been trying to contact them for about 2 days now,The website is down and the phone number says disconnected,Anyone know anything?
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