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  1. austyn

    15x10 -15

    i have ground control coils. what are your wheel dimensions? i love how your wheels sit under your car! i wanted rims that will fit under my car without flares but then fit good when i actually put my flares on.
  2. austyn

    15x10 -15

    Someone sale me there 4x114.3 15x10 -15 steelies! i have been looking around everywhere and can't find any. yes i have tried diamond racing wheels but it won't let me buy them. or if someone can let me know where to buy some that would be awesome! thanks austyn
  3. I'm looking for a 1975/76 280z gas tank and vapor tank. Let me know if you have one. Thanks Austyn
  4. Im looking for a 1970 240z doesnt have to run or could be a roller. perferably little to no rust. doesnt need to be pretty. it also doesnt need interior besides dash, seats and plastics. let me know what you have. my numbers 775-750-2841. Thanks Austyn
  5. Has anyone put a 280zx fuel pump in a 240z tank or put the whole 280zx tank in a 240z? And how? I'm doing a l28et swap and just want to get it running in the car good before I do anything else to the car.
  6. Well It has t3/t4 turbo and 440cc injectors. And I was going to keep the distributor. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Im thinking about megasquirt 2 but I don't know what all I need to get. I have looked around but can't seem to find a parts list. So if anyone can help me out and tell me everything I need to run fuel and spark on my l28et that would be great! Thanks Austyn
  8. The rear of my car is kinda tweaked and i was wondering if anyone has rolled the rear pan of the car to make it straight again and how to? This part rear.bmp
  9. what do i need to run a t3/t4 turbo with a external wastegate in my l28et? Do i need a different ecu or injectors? any info would be great guys, thanks
  10. i need help, last year i bought my 240z with a l28 with l24 carbs on it. so a couple weeks ago i got a parts car with a l28 with the intake and fuel injection and everything else. but my question is, how do i hook the intake and everything on to my other motor so it will run? if you could pictures would be great. thanks
  11. Deja could you PM me the paint code too? That would me great.
  12. Here's my z. just wanted to show you guys and see what you think about it. its all primer right know and i am still deciding on what color to paint it. If anyone has any suggestion on a color let me know. also just any comments or suggestions would be great. Thanks Austyn
  13. i have a hatch with glass
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