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  1. My question revolves around gaining clearance between the compressor housing and the steering shaft. I've lost my clearance between the turbo and the steering shaft due to my external wastegate manifold design. A 1/4 inch would be enough as the motor tourques the opposite direction. Solutions: 1. Shim the driver side motor mount 1/4" to gain the necessary clearance. Down side is that it will rotate my shifter slightly, and oil function slightly I'm guessing. 2. Shim both sides evenly. However, this would effect the transmission/ pinion shaft deflection
  2. So, I failed to add the one thread I found on here regarding the VGT system. The member who posted it says it blew his motor twice. I guess there is something to be said for simplicity. Just wanted to take this time to thank you all for your input.
  3. I have been reading threads regarding members turbo choices, and there are plenty. However, most of these threads are a decade old. It seems like there have been major advancements in turbo R&D since then. I've recently been recommended a GTX3067R which is advertised near my goal, but I'm told that the efficiency map doesn't support the claim. Interpreting the map is something I've not quite grasped. Considering a goal of 500hp max with the option to detune for daily driver efficiency. VGT systems seem to be a versatile option. Research links:
  4. Have you guys any info/ feedback on the Garrett GTX3067R?
  5. My mistake, lower right. Turns out the battery in my voltage meter was dying and started climbing when testing whether the alternator was charging or not. Eventually it died, one problem solved. After tracing the two wires in the T plug on my alternator by testing for continuity (which I had never done before, and hadn't realized my meter even offered that function). After reviewing http://forums.hybrid...-upgrade-to-zx/ again it put things in perspective, by determining which needs keyed 12v and which requires constant 12v. I have a new appreciation for my meter and not relying on co
  6. Condenser shown in the lower left,any 75' owners run into this?
  7. Here's a pic of the original mod. Also, I forgot to mention that I've noticed some kind of condenser attached to the alternator on the 83' as shown in the pic, mine came without. There is one attached near the external regulator however. Just wondering if it's an issue?
  8. I have it wired exactly as you have it shown. I should have supplied that pic in my post, as it was my reference, unfortunately it's still not giving me 14.2V. Just wondered if I damaged it when I wired it wrong?
  9. Truth of the matter is, I installed an internally regulated alternator off of an 83' l28et onto my 75'280 with no idea I now had two voltage regulators in the system...until, I fired up the car and the amp meter went haywire. This led me to research the following links: http://www.zcarcreations.com/howto/voltreg.htm I matched the yellow and white/blue stripe as instructed as the voltage regulator harness matched the info provided, but after realizing the system wasn't charging, I searched further: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/108455-75-280z-alternator-upgrade-to-zx/
  10. is still working on it ;)

  11. Fat Daddy

    Power and timing

    I`ve got a 75` 280z with 260cc turbo injectors, in a NA engine, while the turbo is getting a rebuild. I`ve been in contact with sds and they say that I have 32,33 degrees under RPM IGN so if I have another 18 ADV then total is 51 degrees. After reading a few posts, I get the feeling that I am past my optimum timing. I didn`t set the computer but, I was assured it wasn`t pinging. Now my tuner friend is no longer around, so I`d like to take matters into my own hands lol, but I`m not sure how to go about finding the best timing. I`ve also found an on line way to view the spread sheets thro
  12. I"m having some fine tuning issues with my SDS system, getting a O2 sensor "error". In 5th gear 2750rpm, the O2 sensor was fluctuating from .14 to .56V as well as a few values in between. I've got a Monza header and welded the bung in the top collector. The sensor is a two wire, and was wondering if one with it's own heater might make a difference? I think the combination of the header and the cool Canadian winter isn't so good for an accurate reading? Or do I have bigger problems?
  13. I'm a new member, and have been searching for info on diffs for days now. I've read a lot about ratios but haven't found any info on the stamp on the underside of the diff to determine what I already have. I have a 75' 280z with a real long feel to the gearing. The stamp on the under side of the diff is # 157 37X KN3. I also have a diff out of a 78 280Z with the #R22. I`m not sure of the history of either car lol! I should also mention I identified both my five speed transmissions as a close ratio since they have one ear instead of two. My is however to install a shorter rear
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