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  1. atreimer

    LSx Header Bolts

  2. atreimer

    S30 Suspension and Drivetrain pieces

    PM'd about both front differential mounts.
  3. atreimer

    LS Parts for sale

    Pmd about ls6 clutch and pressure plate.
  4. atreimer

    Watanabe ROTA RKR 17 x 8.5 +4

    I'd be interested but also with the option of getting 9.5" wide on the rear.
  5. atreimer

    Parting out my 72

    PM'd about LS1 exhaust, wiring harness, JCI mounts, and Radiator.
  6. atreimer

    Wanted: Various LS1 parts

    Edit: Updated list: Cable actuated throttle body LS1 F-Body Alternator LS1 Flywheel LS1 Stage 1 clutch ( Clutch, PP, Slave cylinder all needed) LS1 Starter LS2 Lifter Trays A master cylinder that works with the Z and LS1. GTO Master?
  7. atreimer

    Wanted: Various LS1 parts

  8. atreimer

    Wanted: Various LS1 parts

    Want to buy: LS1 Oil Pan for Camaro or firebird 98-02 (Including windage tray and pickup) LS1 Cable Throttle Body LS1 Manual Trans Flywheel (used) LS1 Slave cylinder manual Trans LS1 Stage two clutch (gauging interest) LS1 Starter (Used or New) LS1 Alternator (Used or New) I have a C5 Vette Oil Pan(With windage tray and pickup) if anyone is also willing to trade. Thanks.
  9. atreimer

    1981 280zxt Parting out

    Both have been sold.
  10. atreimer

    1981 280zxt Parting out

    The gas tank is for sale. $30 + Shipping
  11. atreimer

    1981 280zxt Parting out

    Turbo has been sold. Whats left is a r200 3.545 L28 Flat top with p90a head Turbo Manifold Stock Fuel Rail Power Steering Rack Distributor Automatic Transmission Gauges
  12. atreimer

    1981 280zxt Parting out

    J pipe will be $30 shipped. I was going to throw it away anyways so I'll give it to you at a good rate.
  13. atreimer

    1981 280zxt Parting out

    I do have the J-Pipe. Shipped to 77445 will cost roughly $40. I usually ship flat rate but due to size it makes it a little more expensive. The driver taillight has a crack in it but the housing that holds the bulb is in good condition. Same story for passenger side but spider cracking. I have a turn signal headlight switch but it's the one with the cruise control on the dash and not on the levers. The switches are in good condition but have faded lettering. I'm trying to part out the motor as a complete engine, so oil pan will be sold with it sorry. Motor with wiring harness will cost $500 if anyone wants it.