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    My Z's - 1970 240z, 1971 240z, 2010 370z & 1971 510
  1. Anyone interested in a group buy for the Rota RKR 17x8.5 +4 offset? They look like the old school Watanabe rims. I wanted to get the RB's, but too many people have them now. Also, the 17" rim gives me much more options for tire sizes from serveral companies (8 pages worth on tirerack site). The largest tire you can fit on a 240Z is a 245/40/17 with rolled fenders with a 17x8.5 +4 rim. I've seen it and it looks great. I reached out to racing18 and they don't not carry this option right now, but they can put in an order if there are 5 or more parties. What do you guys think?
  2. Great job.... How much did the paint cost you?
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