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  1. Seems like about the same end result as bonding in a bung, no? And it'll be difficult to get a nut on the back side at a ~30-45deg angle to the runner.
  2. The difficult thing is that there are no injector bungs. These models had their injectors way down in the head and no bungs on the manifold. I need to add some for my project. Not sure I can get away with mechanical fastening, because I just don't know how much material there is to deal with, particularly at an angle to get injector spray parallel to the intake charge. It's a $300 gamble to get a manifold and find out. Argh...
  3. Hi all. I'm interested in drilling and epoxying/plastic welding/otherwise bonding injector bungs into a Porsche Cayenne manifold, which is made of plastic. I've Googled around and see that there's precedent for epoxying bungs into aluminum manifolds, but it's difficult to find for plastic. Is this a reasonable and safe exercise? Can i use any old aluminum injector bung, or should I make sure it's of a similar material? Here's a pic of the manifold in question:
  4. Congratulations, Derek! Remarkable job. You, sir, are a hero.
  5. Brief follow-up on this for the benefit of future searchers. I ended up using an Infiniti J30 intake balance tube that I had lying around. Same ID and OD and plenty of varying bends to help you route it. Got my tube built and am on to the next project!
  6. Good call, 1969honda. Done. Thanks. Interesting z-ya. As I mentioned in the first post, the Z32 one is the same dimension as the VH45, so I think it's safe to assume that all early 90s-era Nissans used the same tube material.
  7. Anybody? I'm ready to get to work!
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/AG025-ENGINE-OIL-PICKUP-TUBE-2002-CHEVROLET-SILVERADO-2500-6-0-/151253714435?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item23376c8603&vxp=mtr That one's looking really nice! Just eBaying for pickup tubes from random vehicles, they all look very very similar. What are the chances they're acceptably similar diameter and wall thickness for about everything?
  9. Hi all, I need to extend a VH45 oil pickup tube for a rear sump oil pan. The stock pickup tube is very short and I can't just tack multiple straight sections together. A Z32 pickup tube has the same dimensions and some nice bends, but the length has a flat spot in it for clearance. eBay link for reference: http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/OTAwWDE2MDA=/z/RnAAAOSwY45UPKZY/$_57.JPG Anybody got an idea for what I could use? I have an LS1 one lying around that looks really close per eyeball, but I need it and don't want to cut it up. At this point, my best idea is to use a length of straight tubing with the same dimensions and a Z32 one for the bends.
  10. WOW, it's just amazing/creepy that you would bring this thread back. I'm finally getting ready to do this. Have the engine (LS1), have the transmission (Tex SR1 4-speed dogbox), have the stripped Z32 chassis, just need a bellhousing before I can start hacking. On Sunday I was searching around on Google for bellhousings and just happened across your website. I then spent a significant amount of time there. You've done a fantastic job on that car and it's truly an inspiration. Particularly that bellhousing--DROOL. Thanks for responding here--I may have to PM you as I get further into my build.
  11. Sounds perfect, except we didn't get the Renault 25 in America. The Audi gearbox I was alluding to earlier is the same premise--front engine way out in front of the axle, except AWD with front axles bolting to the box and an output shaft for the rear drive: Wondering if any other gearboxes that could hold the power have the axle bolt-up configuration or if I could plug the rear of the Audi transmission.
  12. I've seen the Uncle Joe's car floating around the Internet and saw they had LS1 swapped it. Although I'm not positive, I think firewall mods are necessary on LS1 swaps in Z32s just as a cost-of-doing-business for getting the engine in the car. My VH has a football field between the engine and firewall, meanwhile (which is the impetus for wanting to move it back). The transmission is in the stock position. That's a really interesting tidbit on the 510. Gah!
  13. That's what they've been doing for the past several years; key word being "almost," heh! Go McLaren! Anyway, same conclusion, wait until I befriend a setup genius. Thanks for all the replies!
  14. Just a trackday car, no competition. Building is the funnest part for me, so time doesn't matter so much. I just want to build an extreme car and have a blast personally to reap the accomplishment. But I certainly won't be having a blast if the car doesn't improve markedly after such an intensive effort. Hence the thread.
  15. It really is the most awful looking car ever. I chuckle every time I see it. I need to do something with it--it's just been sitting in my yard. But man, it's hard to get motivated to work on it when there are a lot of other projects on my plate. I think I've settled on a transversely-mounted 4-cylinder engine in the back. Although I still want to do some research to see if I can find a gearbox to do a longitudinally-mounted engine in the rear (e.g. Porsche, but way too expensive; I was thinking Audi), in which case I'll use a VG30DET/TT, which would be preferable. On that subject--can I use an AWD gearbox for an Audi (where the "front" axles bolt to the gearbox) and simply plug the rear output shaft hole to run a longitudinally rear-mounted engine?
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