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  1. JSM? If his fault, I would be very hot! My children have been taught better.
  2. I've been away for some time. Been a father for 11 years now. I let my kids be bold,,, but they pay a heavy price for stupidity. (better now before they get behind the wheel). Children are interesting,, and certainly they are carbon copies of you. BTW, they have no access to net. They have to stretch there creative imagination.
  3. COOL! BTW,, Tony D? Braap? (ive forgotten a few) I missed this site,, and no,,, still have kids and work is limited on my z. :-[
  4. Test... (btw,, if I did remember name and pass.. HOWDY ALL AGAIN!)
  5. Self motivation is rare thing.. nice job Mike! I can only hope that your journey to conclustion is a long and educational one:)
  6. Looking great! How much have you driven it?
  7. woldson


    You advice was great. I sourced my suspension via your advice and installed it. Car is tight as hell. Answered my concerns straight up and informative. Im old enough to remember time before the net. What took months, if not years, is insto now. So my apprication is "old Skool"
  8. Your a good man Mike. Keep looking forward my friend!
  9. woldson


    Btw.. Thankyou ever so much JohnC all your help and assistance was GREATLY appreciated!!!!
  10. You had so many pages. I was not sure if there was drama from here that id rather not read. I very sorry to hear about your you father. Im not attached to my parents at all.. so all i can do is give condolences to family affected:( I suppose the fellow that bought the last car is unwilling to sell back(too late anyhow). Not sure if id sell it back,, you had that built NICE. (hope that comes across well) Anyhow Mike,, great to hear from ya! Z is looking SWEETTTTT!!!! Still looking forward to your review of both cars!
  11. Good jsm! fiannly got laptop. Phone was too hard to do Hybridz on. How are you? Done some work to z.. not anything big. Family:)
  12. Im BACK Ill tell ya mike,, you finish the z and you will sell it. If you always have something to make better.. challenge will always be like a temptrist. (btw.... dont want to go though history.. what happen to the "P" car you had? also my bro in law "P" car is almost done.... 86 911s. should be around 550hp
  13. Im no expert in fluid dynamics,however, id like to point out something that might be overlooked. Pressure variants and how air changes density and flow caractoristics when compressed and expanded at multiple stages until final compression in chamber. I assume that as a fluid all parts of the system effect any and all parts form initial intake to final release. Im thinking of headers.. I believe volume stays the same yet compression dose not at points of collectors. (between short and long,,,,,power made early vs later) With all that said,, im going to put on the 240sx 60mm tb. I have a chance to buy a adaptec computer and want the reostat on that tb. It would be FANTASTIC to dyno every move,, but alas.. money. I will be putting cam and headers back in after I get it running well. Ill dyno it then. right now only mods are cold intake(self made), advanced timing,, lightened flywheel(balenced),, roaly purple in entire drivetrain. (turbo fly and clutch pack) Car is a blast to drive. Ill keep in mind tuning,, understanding i will reach full WOT before floored. I really wish i could dyno every step. Such as puting headers on(dyno),, then cam without headers(dynoed) then togeather(dynoed) TB before anything and with every test before. The math at deepest levels is so damn complex. Its far easier to just trial and error like everything used to be,, then let the academics figured out what we did;) (btw,, we always led collages,, they only followed,,, back in the great times of course;) tony,, hope ya still around!! hybridz has your notes;P,,, braap? rock on bro... I missed you guys. warren.. careless...blue...jmort..eveyone
  14. woldson


    ahhhhhhhh THANKS RTz!!
  15. woldson


    Oh,,,, also,,,, are r200 strong?
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