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    Many things begin tentatively and tritely, so why not this?
    For over 10 years I have been tinkering with my Datsun, first as a newbie owner of a dilapidated stocker, then as a customer of a semi-pro building who did a fantastic job on a roll cage and V8 swap – only to find myself unable to deal with what really amounts to car maintenance, rather than car building. Over the years moved from California to the Midwest, bought a house in the countryside with a long driveway for burnouts and plenty of garage space, but my skills have not improved, and my motivation has atrophied. And no, I can’t blame family tensions or job loss or dementia (at least not yet); some of the greatest obstacles are emotional, ineffable, divorced from practical constraints or logic.
    So here’s hoping for a less whiny and more productive 2010. And here’s hoping that EVERYONE has a better year and even better years ahead!
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