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  1. Chiming-in with a bit of an obvious question here... Some of us are pretty keen on replacing the differential, half-shafts, companion flanges and stub axles. But not necessarily the Chapman struts... especially if we've gone through the trouble of replacing spindle pins and sourcing that most elusive of animals, namely straight/true control arms and Chapman struts (many had the uprights welded askance). That being so, is there any possibility of replacing the aforementioned driveline parts, but fitting them into the factory Chapman struts? Or do the struts have to go?
  2. Not exactly qualified to offer "valuable insight" here, but what about overall tuning (engine and engine management, wheel alignment, ride-height, brake bias,...)? The ingredients-list is already breathtakingly impressive, but how well does everything work together?
  3. Miatas are fun, and contrary to popular prejudice, they succeed admirably as daily drivers, assuming that one doesn't have kids or voluminous possessions to lug around. But they just don't have the level of power that I'd consider to be necessary even for comparatively sedate urban driving. This is spoken as a guy who's daily-driven first-generation Miatas for nearly a dozen years. Worse yet, Miatas don't lend themselves to engine swaps, the way that Zs do. They're well-optimized for their stock engines. Small engine compartments and frail chasses require substantial creativity to be work
  4. 7 months later, perhaps it's time for an update. ATF and acetone poured into the spark-plug holes, plus some burly men pushing on the car in-gear, have successfully dislodged the crankshaft from its rust-encased slumber. Fresh spark plugs and gasoline, not to mention starting-fluid, awoke the engine, eventually settlingly into half-acceptable slumber. Now the machine is in the trusty hands of my trusty mechanic-buddy... apartment living does that to one... and besides, sometimes the ministrations of a professional mean the difference between wailing and grinning. Latest photo enclosed.
  5. Sent a PM, wondering about availabilty.
  6. That's my concern as well. My engine "probably" (not dyno tuned) makes around 450 hp, but it's all about low-end torque (461 cubic inches). The power level is quite a bit less than that of many of our forced-induction heroes, and so, perhaps zealotry about best-strongest-baddest driveline components would for my case be more posturing than prudence. But... the shock of that torque, coming at low rpm and part-throttle...?
  7. This thread is one the top entries when searching for "280Z rear 5-lug conversion", and that prompted a bump... * As of this writing, the Z-car-depot site looks the most promising. Checquered Flag is a placeholder website, and the link posted earlier in this thread, is dead. The Modern Motorsports domain is for sale. And the Whitehead thread is getting more and more desperate. * There's also this: https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/128217-ford-super-88-irs-swap-thread-rear-brakes-too/#comments . But I'm not sure how much of that is applicable if the aim is to retain the R200
  8. Please clarify: * Is this a one-off sale of a product that somebody has had in his/her garage for a while (so, a classifieds-ad)? * Or is this a new product, developed as an alternative to the existing retail offerings? * If it's a new product, what are its advantages over the usual competition (Silvermine, Arizona Z-car, Techno Toy,...)?
  9. Its interesting that you fellows have a positive impression of the Miata seats. My daily driver is a 1991 Miata, and while the seats are functional, they aren't exactly the highlight of the car. In the Miata community, tossing the stock seats and replacing them with something aftermarket, is a common practice... first for more support, and second to save weight. Yet another alternative is the "surfboard" (high back) seats from the NB2 Miata.
  10. Any thoughts on doing something like this, with a classical Ford 9"?
  11. Question about gear ratios for the 8.8 rear... earlier in this thread, one of the posters mentioned a Top Loader transmission. That has 1:1 highest gear, correct? Meanwhile, I run a Doug Nash 5-speed... also 1:1 5th gear... but a pretty deep 1st gear. To match such transmissions, the preferred rear-end ratio would therefore be numerically small... 2.73, or even lower. But the numerically lowest ratio that we saw in this thread, mentioned for the 8.8", is 3.15. That's still too high. Is anything lower available?
  12. Resurrecting this thread, for the following reasons and inquiries: 1. Did the original poster, now a "guest", make any progress? 2. Did Jmortensen, five years after 5 years after 5 years, reach his goals? 3. 10 years after my own posting in this thread, did I make any progress (answer: not yet, but "finally" I'm getting serious). 4. Why is the newest thread in this subforum, 5 years old? Aren't there any Datsun-related motorsports events worth mentioning? Or is this the wrong environment for such discussions?
  13. Just saw this thread. The original poster's wheels are 14x6, correct? Here is a photo of 14x7 "Western Turbine" wheels. They fit a stock -suspension 280Z, with about 3/4" gap between the outermost portion of the spring perch, and the innermost extent of the wheel lip or rubber. For the eagle-eyed, these are Pete Paraska's wheels, from >20 years ago... and yes, the "original" tires. My plan is to replace the tires with Toyo Proxes R888, 225/50R14. These look to be the last "meaty" tires available in 14" diameter, which are even remotely suitable for the occasional sparing jaunt down th
  14. Yes, I remember that Rota buy; it was quite the extravaganza. But weren't those wheels a bit on the... heavy side? That at least was my sentiment at the time. So I searched for alternatives... Konig, CCW, Enkei, XXR, and a dozen others. None had the magic combination of backspacing (or offset), bolt circle diameter, hub diameter and width. Weld wheels shows an example for a 280Z, here: https://www.weldwheels.com/gallery/fire-orange-1972-datsun-240z-weld-s77-forged-wheels/ . But if we look closely, we see 5 lugs. Perhaps, at $800/wheel, they'd be willing to drill for 4 lugs?
  15. Primaz, you're quite right about the relative abundance of 16" tire choices, over 15". This seems to be becoming even more of an issue with each successive passing year. Recently I sold some parts to a fellow who appeared in a Honda minivan... the usual trappings of family-life in the back...strollers, toys, grocery bags filled with various stuff. But the minivan was sporting 19" wheels, with 245-50 tires! They actually looked like Panasports... only giant-ones. Thus about tires. But what of wheels? Spending some idle hours in the wilds of the internet, looking at wheels in 1
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