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  1. # 383 shiro with 05 mustang gt california special 18" wheels.. paid 200 for them when a friend wrecked his mustang and used insurance money for new bling blings... hopefully Ill have some 17x9 cobra wheels for the 77 soon http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/5598/dsc00449is1.th.jpg' alt='dsc00449is1.th.jpg'>[/img]
  2. will the long tube zcarparts (motorsports) headers work with the jags that run kit? I have a custom set-up now, but cant find headers that fit. Im planning on buying a kit for this reason, and want long tube headers with 3/4 primaries. jags that run doesnt sell long tubes. gracious
  3. alright.. thanks~ i have another parts car that has a dana rear end in it. but it is cobbled up trash.. i bought it as parts only... they used 2" square tubing for the whole back half.. anyway ill look under it next time im at the parents farm and see how close everything is. that car had a pontiac 400 in it.. and they "said" it would pull wheelies, but i dont believe it...
  4. hello all. ive decided i wanted to build a strip car.. and it happens to be that i have a parts car that would make a perfect pavementpounder.. anyway. I want to learn more about rear axle set-up. I think i want to use a gm 12 bolt or ford 9". But i need to learn alot about the actual set-ups. I'm thinking leaf springs with lift bars would be the cheapest. Is there a book or web site anyone would like to inform me about? thanks! I'll have to ask more questions when i go to prescott drag this year.. ive never been interested in anything beyond street.. until now~ if anyone is curious my goal is to power my 72 240 parts car with a 396, im going to build a reliable race motor, and add to it as time goes by... ending up with a 8-71 charged beast.. for anyone who has done this before.. would you recommend just putting the 240 body on a frame set-up for chevy engine/tranny/ and rear end? this would add weight, but you could also delete alot of the z metal being it only has to support its shell, instead of the drivetrain as well...i think this would be alot stronger chassis, and cheaper as well. I spend my money on my toys, but i dont have endless funds..lol
  5. the japan version of the 300zx - 200zr had a rb20..
  6. chts.. cylinder head temp sensor. I think this is your problem and it only cost 23 dollars at oriellys auto parts. the chts is telling the engine it is cold when it is cold.. and it is tellen the engine it is cold when it is hot as well... this will make it run really rich.. causing the problems you describe. the o2 probably needs to be replaced as well, as they get old and a new one generally provides better performance/gas mileage. the chts is on the front of the driver side head, you minds while put on a new timing belt, tensioner, and water pump while your at it. i put a chts on my shiro and it cured my problems.. runs great while cold, but crap when warm.. no shes right on. except for my o2 is dead along with the full throttle contact being busted off the tps... good luck.
  7. i havnt seen this link, but i do know that the rear diff mount, and cross member mounts are the first to go. you can get solid mounts from thespecshop.com. also i have heard of people breaking axleshafts when power numbers are increased.. hope you find what you are looking for as i want to see it as well...
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