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  1. I think neon srt4 seats need to be added to the list if they arent already.  I sat in one for the first time the other day, and boy do they hold you in place lol.  Plus they are inexpensive from what I've seen.

  2. About the turbo,  I was wondering if there was a method behind the madness?  Madness being the 1.22 a/r...  I was always under the impression that a bigger compressor/ smaller exhaust side promoted faster spool response.  That t4 hot side looks massive compared to the compressor.  Will you be using a quick spool valve?  Amazing fabrication btw.  I look forward to seeing the progression!

  3. I was stationed at Camp Casey for 14 months, 41st Signal Bn.  I actually handed the car over to J. Taylor at F&D Auto when I left for Korea, luckily it took about 12 months to gather most of the parts, so I was still able to get my hands dirty on it when I came home.  After I left Korea and took 30 days of much needed leave, I went to Fort Gordon for 6 months of school...  so the Z is still at Jon's shop until I finish class.   

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