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  1. What's up guys, been a while since I've been on here. Since then I've parted ways with my RB25 swap and now have the opportunity to buy an '08 350z with the HR motor and auto trans for a good price. This would provide me with almost everything I need for the swap. I am planning to keep the automatic and upgrade the valve body with a Transgo kit, along with Works Bell paddle shifters. My first question is... What controls the automatic's shift point on this car? The vehicle speed sensors on the diff? I watched a YouTube video from ZFever where they did this exact setup in an s14, and they said that the vehicle speed sensor tells the trans when to shift. Is this true? I've messaged them on Facebook, but haven't heard anything back... Second, if I use the Transgo valve body and paddle shifters to shift the car, will I even need to retrofit the vehicle speed sensors for this function? And last question for the time being... What are my header options that won't hit the steering shaft? Or is it possible to use the steering shaft from the 350z? ...and the current status of my Z. Stripped down for the cage build.
  2. Just so you guys know I haven't forgot about the build, here are some pictures... I've decided to sell the Haltech because I just dont have the resouces to haul it to the nearest e11v2 tuner, so I've decided to downgrade to a rom tune from ZFever. Hopefully that works out and the car will be spinning tires in no time.
  3. Thanks man, where in FL? I still have another year in Germany but I'm actually coming home for a couple weeks next month. Hoping to get the car on the road since she's been neglected for so long.
  4. I've been in Germany for the past year and a half... So the car sat for a while, then I traded for a friend's LS1 s14... Then we recently traded back haha, and I am still in Germany, and the Z sits again... The good news is that my friend, Josh got her running, tuned, and dynod, but still needs some TLC. Will be getting out of the Army in a little over a year, so I guess the project will pick back up then.
  5. What do you mean other options? He's supposed to be working on some new designs.
  6. Sorry for the late reply, but yea he is still making wheels. Try his other email. jon@newgenwheels.com
  7. @ Pasquale, Forged Union "Revilutions" @ tooquick260, I haven't driven it yet, it still needs a few things.
  8. Well, I've done all I have time to do... Still not running, and just found a fuel leak somewhere around the sump. Oh well, time to go to Germany. Things to come... Roll cage, fuel cell, r200 LSD, and some more Arizona Z bling. And here are the pics I took today...
  9. The mirrors I bought from Ebay. They suck... I want to buy either some legit fender mirrors or switch to carbon fiber gt mirrors.
  10. I think I've got the alternator wired correctly, I'll find out for sure once I get it running.
  11. Haha yea... Now if I could just get this haltech to sinc up to my lap top, I could get to all the burn outs and 10000000000 mph rolling shots And because I haven't posted any recent pics...
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