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  1. I just can't see what that picture is referring to...
  2. Maybe it's the emergency brake? I'm not trying to replace this drum right now, just trying to roll the car around the shop/driveway (it doesn't run). Any ideas how to break it free? It won't even move at all. The other wheels spin freely. I've never messed with drum brakes before (and didn't plan to do it today either!) And just need this thing to roll. Ideas? A perfunctory search didn't seem to have an answer.
  3. I have both a manual and an automatic 1976 280z... both should have an R200, right? Even the automatic. In the FAQ, http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/49194-differential-cv-lsd-hp-torque-r160-r180-r200-r230-diff-mount/ I see But I read elsewhere that automatic Z's didn't have the R200, but I can't remember where. The faq seems to imply they both have R200s, and I'd just like confirmation that this is correct/that I'm reading this correctly.
  4. Perusing youtube and doing various searches, I encountered this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eblsHtIV_qE The car has two rectangular pieces where the rear bumper mount points are... Many people run bumperless in the rear, but imo it looks a bit "empty" to me. This solves it somewhat nicely, but I've never seen it before. You guys think this was a one-off?
  5. Every gnose I see, the airdam is so low I'd worry about scraping it on driveways and such into parking lots. Moreover, I rather like the front clearance the car has stock. However, I'm pretty sure the front fender flares go down far enough that you can't really adapt them without having an airdam lower to the ground. In general, every imsa-flared Z I've seen seems like if they drove over a soda can they'd ding their airdam on it... so really, ride height with the flares is a concern to me. Have you guys seen any without such a low front clearance? I don't want a crazy high center of
  6. I get the "wire tuck" bit of this thread, but what is being "shaved" here?
  7. They are on the hatch metal with latches. I can come up with solutions, I was just surprised that searching for a louver gasket didn't find anything; it seems like something that would have came with it.
  8. I picked up a Z locally that has louvers on it... there's a few issues with how they mounted them, but the point of interest is that they rattle and strike the hatch. Is there some rubber seal people tend to use for these, or do you guys just fab one from some rubber from the auto parts store? I tried to search but am just not seeing it.
  9. Not sure what to tell you about that; i'm using this to this day without issue. All it is is all the "rss feed" links craigslist has on its search results pages thrown into one file really. Feedly is working swell, too.
  10. I generated some xml files for the RSS feeds for the cars and trucks and auto part categories for every craigslist subsection in the united states, with S30 related search criteria. (240z, 260z, 280z, S30) If you import this into feedly at http://www.feedly.com (now that google reader doesn't exist anymore) you'll have sections for all the results. You can mark them all read and just see new ones and all sorts of things. There's an android app and I'm sure there's an app for iPhone too (but who would use an iPhone? o.O). Of course there's other rss readers, but feedly rocks.
  11. I'm not a very big guy, but I don't have a small frame either. I've only driven my 280z a few times (WIP), and when I have I always feel very horizontally confined; My left arm has almost no operating space. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed such things and had some commentary ("I did <X> and it seems to have helped!", or "Eh, you get used to it and don't even notice it anymore").
  12. I've looked around like crazy for similar airdams from other types of cars that maybe he modified, but can't find one so I guess it may be custom... which is unfortunate, because I really want to go with the imsa flares without a gnose appearance, but it seems i'll have to fabricate/modify an airdam to do it. ... or am I mistaken, and other airdams would fit properly?
  13. I'm highly interested in this sort of a kit... also, does anyone have any information about what this diff actually is? I don't mean "the diff out of a BLA"; I mean what it actually is... Essentially, I'm not looking for "The diff out of a 300zx TT" but "A R230".
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