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  1. Haniel20

    1974 Turbo 260z $4800 Kansas

    Pm sent
  2. Haniel20

    looking for s30

    Anybody help me out find a z.
  3. Haniel20

    Sound Deadening Material For Floor

    you did the whole outside of the car?how did that work for you?I know when I find my z im lizard skining it in the inside, but i might also do the outside based on your experience. Did you sand down the lizard skin and paint it?how much quieter and cooler did it make the ride quality?
  4. Haniel20

    Sound Deadening Material For Floor

    Lizard skin sells a spray on insulator they sell one for sound and one for heat and can be sanded and painted to match the body if you like.
  5. Haniel20

    Another Dash Restoration

    What did he use as a paint it? looks textured but not to much it looks perfect I would love to know what he use to paint it with.
  6. Haniel20

    looking for s30

    Looking for as clean as possible rust free z or as lil rust as possible I did want a l28et swapped car but dont mind it being n/a really just really as rust free as possible and a/c florida is to hot not to have it.i live in south florida I have cash in hand and my limit is since where in the 7k to 8k price range.
  7. Haniel20

    Looking for a tow vehicle

    My buddie had the 2012 x5 diesel very impressive powerband but it was always something wrong with it and sure it was expensive to fix,they even sell some tuners if you get bored of the power,but now he has a 2014 cayenne its definitely a better car to daily and maintenance is way cheaper but why would you use these for tow vehicles there to nice lol.why dont you buy something thats ment to tow and would last forever .I would sugest a good old 99-04 ford f250/f350 with a 7.3 powerstroke,they last forever and dont break my cousin has two and beats them and the dont die.or even get a 03-05 dodge 2500/3500 with the 5.9 cummins those things are beast and take aw.e you through at them.
  8. Haniel20

    still looking for s30 swapped with l28et

    Ive spoke to both of those guys already the black car he doesnt wanna sell anymore and the orange one he hasn't gotten back to me.
  9. Haniel20

    500hp out of a 2.7L K24 Honda motor

    Being from south florida yeah we have k20 and k24 on stock blocks pushing ridiculous numbers.even have those motors put into 2nd gen mr2's and making rocket's.there all over youtube if you ever get intrigued check them out.
  10. Haniel20

    still looking for s30 swapped with l28et

    Still looking for a car
  11. Haniel20

    still looking for s30 swapped with l28et

    pm'ed you back
  12. Haniel20

    still looking for s30 swapped with l28et

    Im open to options.
  13. People in japan theres youtube videos of them pushing 900hp.there beast.
  14. Haniel20

    still looking for s30 swapped with l28et

    Still looking have 7k cash in hand for the right car. Let me know if you guys own ot know somebody selling what im looking for.