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  1. I need 2 front 280Z wheel hubs. I'm located in los Angeles California. Thank you R
  2. I am looking for a 240Z specific car cover that fits on tight and straps down. I'm tired of the wind blowing off my current unifersal application car cover. Located in Los Angeles Thanks R
  3. I have cash and I am in Los Angeles. I am looking for a local seller. Must be in good shape. Thanks R
  4. CCW Classic wheels Offset for both flared and non flared! Thanks Located in LA R
  5. Located in LA. I believe I need the 15/16's one. Thanks R
  6. located in los angeles. thanks R
  7. WTB solid steering coupler. I heard these used to exist. Located in LA R
  8. Does anyone have any experience with widow replacement companies (for my 240Z)? I live in the 818! thanks R
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