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  1. I have Clifton's old intake. Look up Clifton 240z on google. its dyno'd, proven to support power. Uses stock linkage. $500.00
  2. Im looking to convert my 260z with r200 to CV axles, custom companion flanges, and 27 spline stub axles, let me know what you have. Thanks!
  3. Looking for Maxima rear brake kit, have a z32 rear brake kit to trade
  4. Im looking for... Intercooler for my early 260z with l28et, prefer one that uses my stock engine fan. Shaved non web, non egr intake. stock J pipe with BOV p90 head in socal
  5. Looking for EMI Racing or DP racing biscuit type camber plates
  6. I am looking for 2.5" ID springs 180-225lbs. Email or PM me nowijustwant2shout@hotmail.com
  7. Looking for some emi/dp racing camber plates. contact info nowijustwant2hout@hotmail.com
  8. I noticed there are at least two variations of the Cannon intake manifold for the Z. One has more webbing One has less webbing, and a more intricate logo (webbed in the front, non webbed in the back). What is the time period of the one with more webbing and when did they change the design? any help appreciated! I'm trying to make my car correct to the time period. thanks.
  9. i got my flywheel recently also but for a lt1/t5... it should be the same as for your motor i think.... im using a third gen camaro bell housing... tpi motor looks great i almost went that route cuz the engine looks so kool. check this out hope it helps. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=97577&highlight=lt1+bellhousing
  10. i got mine for $400 dollars with no motor and a sun roof cut into it. i didnt like the sunroof... but im taking off the glass and leaving it as a hardcore /crazy hole in the roof. haha
  11. im wanting to know what people use for thier bolts on thier cars... like to bolt tranny and engine (lt1 t5), accessories and bracket. mustache bar, and other bolts? do u just use the ones off of when you took the part from the yard? i never kept the bolts for anything....?
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