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  1. well i know it's only a shell but i've just confirmed purchase of an RB30DET for it's heart! RB25DE head on RB30 bottom end, custom front facing intake etc etc fully balanced bottom end, mild port and reground cams.... Will be installed with 200ZR sump / mounts and to bring up the rear a 200ZR R200 LSD with CV's! Just purcahsed an complete 1988 200ZR
  2. Yes dereg. It is a rare one yes. and really straight too. You're a Z31 guy....what would you think the shell would be worth? i'll just be removing the parts i need. do you think someone would buy it and make something of it? or should i strip all and sell individually bits?
  3. hi djz, no not one on trademe, saw that though. i've done a bit of research and i think i'll buy it. I don't want to go nuts on the engine side, i love torquey engines so a mild rb30det will do nicely plus with having all those bolt on bits like mounts etc i'll speed up a few things for me. Thanks for the advise with the sump i'll perhaps add some baffles to it later but i'm not wanting to do any track stuff, just street. Hoping to use the loom and computer from the ZR too, probably have to do chip or something i expect? and the rest of the shell i'll part out to the Z31 guys, i'm sure there are a few bits i can sell to recoup costs. brakes - i've got 4 pots for the front all ready but like the idea of 5 stud, maybe running some 370Z rims? and the rear may as well follow. Selling the stock 240z bits should help with costs again. pic of the car.
  4. Hi all, some advise please. I have an option on buying a 200zr z31 rolling body. It had a factory fitted RB20det red top engine. The deal comes with a built RB30det engine which has had the ZR sump fitted already - bonus! The body should come with the RB subframe / engine mounts etc that I believe is what I need to make the RB swap a bit easier? Question is what else is of use on my 240z?? Is the rear end useful? Suspension? Brakes? Any help appreciated - cheers from down under (new Zealand)
  5. hi - just tried so view your build thread a the beginning of this thread and all the images appear to have disappeared? or is it something at my end. I'm about to start by RB25 build here in New Zealand would love to have a read about yours - nice car! Cheers BH
  6. A friend has a container coming down from the US to NZ soon so i thought i'd take advantage and place a bit of an order. - Credit cards are a lovely thing! Anyone had good experiences with anyone? I've used Victoria British before but thought there might be a better one? I've had some parts places send stuff in huge boxes which just cost so much to ship to NZ and others that realise and pack it small and efficient. Any comments appreciated! cheers!
  7. Hi all, I thought i'd post up my new project. It's likely to have an RB transplant as part of it's refurb so i will be glad of the help and support of HybridZ members and this ever growing hub of information! Having owned countless VW's and only 3 previous Z's i thought it time even up the numbers and build myself a proper car ! http://www.zclub.org.nz/viewtopic.php?t=1867&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
  8. hi all, does anyone know if they engine mount bolt patterns on the blocks are the same between RB30 vs RB25 cheers BH
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