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  1. i had that problem on my left rear when i started fixing it up. it turned out to be the rubber hose line was clogged. 9 dollars to replace it and it flowed perfectly
  2. i always thought that type of vacuum inspired the first generation c4 corvette
  3. is this the power transistor underneath my coil ?
  4. what part is the power transistor ? is it that metal bar attached to the body underneath the coil ?
  5. hey guys, i was wondering if you could help me possibly point out what happened to my 240z the other night as it would not start back up and i had to get it towed. heres some details on the car: 73 240z 4spd running round top su carbs have not done final tune, running a little rich, fairly new plugs, distributor, wires petronix ignitor electronic ignition current minor issues : plugged in blower control, never tested out slight coolant leak from heater control valve hose (only leaks and makes hissing sounds sometimes) running rich, strong exhaust smell when at stoplight and shoots flames on upshifts tach never worked, just goes straight to 8k rpm when ignition is switched on speedometer recently stopped working water temp sensor does not work I have maybe driven the car a total of 10 times on short trips i would say 20 min tops and the car always ran fine (a little rich as it shoots flames every now and then. however, saturday night 60 degrees out i decided to test it out and drove it for over an hour straight (normal driving not racing) around town never went over 60 mph and the car ran fine. After about an hour of driving, i went to a store and parked it maybe 3 minutes. after i was done, car fired right up and off we went. 2 stop lights later the car starts bogging and showing a loss of 50% power as i was going up a very slight incline. The car then cuts power. I tried restarting it maybe 4 times and it fired up for a good 5 seconds before bogging and cutting again. it wouldnt start again after that so i had to have it towed home. I didnt have time to work on it that night, so i let it sit until today. Today, i checked to see if it has gas in the tank, looks around half tank, also checked to see if any hoses or electrical wires got disconnected and they all look fine. looked where the fuel filter is, and it looks like its flowing fine. Checked under the distributor and it looks okay. after trying to start it 4 times today, it cranked over and is running fine. I just drove it down the street and back today, and its running as if it never had a problem. any ideas would could have caused it to die on the the other night?
  6. is anyone has a drivers side rear brake cylinder for the drum brakes hit me up i am lookin for one
  7. if anyone has a custom exhaust or headers or both in the socal area, hit me up as i am interested in a set. Thanks
  8. just need the door lock cylinders with the backing piece that connects the lock to the door lock bar. pm me if you have a pair available Thanks
  9. pins that connect the ebrake wires to the rear drum assemblies. if you have a pair of the pins available pm me .. Thanks
  10. hmm i think ive seen your car leaving savi ranch in anaheim hills a few times
  11. i have that same problem with my dgvs. were you able to find a solution to the problem?
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