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  1. So, my car is done. Its running beautifully, but now I have a NEW issue which Ive never experienced before! The Fuel pump wont turn on RANDOMLY, and along with it, neither will the Zeitronix wide band, or the Brake light for the hand brake.. So randomly ill go to the car, put the key in the ON position, and no fuel pump priming, no fuel pressure, but sometimes it decided to work perfectly.. then if I drive it will randomly shut down??? and the fuel pump wont turn back on maybe 20minutes later all of sudden put the key in the ON position, and the Fuel pump turns on, the Zeitronix working, and the car runs right up.. What could this be?? Please help with any ideas.. thank you! Do you guys think it could be my Ignition Key?? maybe I need to replace the whole Ignition Key or the wiring behind it and the steering wheel?? We used the prod and if put power to one of the certain fuses the fuel pump and the wide band and everything start right up, if we take the prod away from the fuse then it shuts right off.. thanks for your time guys.
  2. is the motor leaking oil from the head? is that what that black stuff is?
  3. if the flywheel is 240mm Im interested! if you can sell it to me seperate please PM me
  4. 240mm flywheel, coilovers, LSx Coil Pack, f54block, seats, wheels, LSx coil packs are important, so are the coilovers and the 240mm flywheel.. Wheels, I want 16inch rims that are deep dish, and wide.. and ZG flares I need a f54 block that is not abused, ready to put in and make some serious power, but not expensive.. Seats, Ide like bucket type seats, possibly from the new Acura RSx those are nice.. coilovers, already put together, or ground controls / camber plates..
  5. i got dibs on the seats if there still available, i just need pics pm sent. also I need a 240mm flywheel,
  6. okay so Im kind of figuring this stuff out, I believe the z31 clutch will fit, but I need a 240mm flywheel in order to make this work right? now a 240mm flywheel would fit my n42 block right? then I can use the z31 clutch?
  7. i have a 240sx tranny swap, and I have a n42 block *turbo setup* with a 225mm clutch right now, I can buy a 240mm z31 ACT clutch for $80 which I rally want to do! will the z31 clutch fit? if I buy a 240mm flywheel?
  8. http://www.andysautosport.com/nissan/1984_1989_300zx/transmission/clutch_kits/act/actp00062305.html this is what the clutch looks like, and the only clutch I can find for the model and year so Im guessing that the 240mm is correct. hey, I also found this. it says it fits a 280zx, but does that mean it Wont fit a n42 block which is from a 76 280z? since I have the 240sx tranny? http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/PCC08/21-2274 it says, "Model Guide: 240mm Datsun 280ZX, Nissan 300ZX Model Restrictions: Fits all 79-83 280ZX 2+2, all 81-83 280ZX Turbo, and all 84-89 300ZX Non Turbo. Code Guide: Datsun S130, Nissan Z31 Year Guide: 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 " hey I also found this.. The second strongest Z31 manual transmission is the FS5W71C found in any 5 speed non turbo Z31. This transmission is internally the same as the transmission used in the 240SX, 180SX, Silvia, etc. A few people who have blown up their FS5R90As have swapped to the Z31's FS5W71C transmission and not had problems. A lot of 240SX owners have the 240SX version of this transmission mated to their SR20DETs and KA24DETs running 400+ hp with no problems. Any short throw shifter made for the 240SX (S12, S13, S14, S15) will fit perfectly in this transmission. does that mean go for it, the clutch will fit?
  9. all i know So far is its a (84-89)ACT 300zx clutch I googled that clutch and I can Only find an ACT z31 clutch for that year as a 240mm clutch.. so Im guessing thats what Im looking at buying, would that fit? it was really easy cus I bought the car with the 240sx tranny swap, when that tranny blew I just bought another 240sx tranny and swapped the bellhousing, the custom driveshaft and ujoints were already there.. all I know right now is its a z31 clutch Im waiting to hear back which model and type of z31 clutch it is, (turbo, mm etc.)
  10. so I can buy a very Nice z31 ACT clutch for $80, and I was wondering, with my current setup, turbo built engine, I have a 240sx transmission swap with a n42 block.. can I use this z31 clutch?? or is it out of the question?
  11. i call dibs on the f54 block guys..
  12. I have a l28 et with a n42 block and a 240sx transmission, will the 300zx clutch work for me?
  13. can you tell me if a 300zx fits a l28et engine with a 240sx tranmission?
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