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  1. Afternoon well spent...sbc is now mounted in the 280, it even ''fell'' onto the motor mounts with only a lil wiggle on the block first shot..oil pan has good clearance and firewall has nice distance for the distrubutor..sbc's look great in the nose of datsuns..took some great pics of home made mounts and motor in place..going to a diary of sorts of measurements with pics if anyone needs them for ideas or specs to do their 280zx..Many Many thanks to the members that have helped so for to get this far })
  2. Thanks Jack...great info for ''comp'ed'' cars..and perfect info for my ''old school'' setup...Many thanks })
  3. Does anyone have wiring diagrams for a non-computored car..old school 350 with plain jane GM wiring harness...I picked up the 2 speed taurus fan and have to get it wired up to run off temp sender ,..any suggestions /ideas?
  4. Just JTR'S Headers?...I still haven't even gotten a reply from JTR about being able to get one of their books...any idea of the cost of their headers?
  5. heres a listing for the plain painted ones... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/SMALL-BLOCK-CHEVY-BLOCK-HUGGER-HEADERS-SBC-1-5-8_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33631QQitemZ7994432847QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW
  6. Can anyone tell me if a pair of run of the mill block huggers work on a 1982 zx with sbc..just looking at cpl different sets on ebay..or adversly do I need a specific type? Heres the specs on the ones I'm looking at... NEW IN BOX - Small block chevy block hugger headers. These are painted shiny black & include gaskets, reducers, bolts for heads, & bolts for reducers. Reducers are 2 1/2 inches and the primaries are 1 5/8. Flanges are 3/8 thick, very heavy. These fit very tight to the block for maximum clearance. They come out from the block about 4 inches and drop down and inward toward the center of the block about 9 inches for that true hugger fit. Excellent for tight applications. Fits 265-283-305-307-327-350-383-400 engines
  7. I'd suggest the smaller starter out of a 1988-199? model GM truck..the 4.3 litre v6 starter interchanges with the small block v8 one...I replaced a wore out starter in my 1989 chev pick up with 4.3 (smaller starter) with the one out of a 1988 chevy van 305 cu.in (larger starter), keep in mind the the smaller starter costs few dollars more to buy at auto parts store but at a pick a part they should cost the same, should clear up a clearance problem for you.
  8. And here I spent how many evenings trying to justify doing a v8 swap in my datsun to my wife...wonder if his wife has a sister???..(ohhh and a few extra dollars in her account so i can have a jet car too?//)..lol
  9. Forget the post about stripping out the engine bay..took cpl hours after supper and gutted it all..left the basics and painted it all..lots of room in there now...next step will be the dash and cabin area...I'll take some pics..will have to figure out where and how to post em
  10. The wiring shouldn't be much of a issue ...I'm gutting all the electronics out the zx and replacing it all with the wiring harness out of the donor van..since it has a wiring gremlin in it someplace...won't hold a charge on the battery..replaced the alt and battery etc etc etc and gave up metering and probing wires, I think it's easier to gut the harness and run the chevy original harness with the engine..the donor van engine is carbed with a 700r4 tranny so no computors or fuely stuff to mess with,(other then gauges and fuel tank system, etc),And Your definatly right Guy...more and more hours of research on Hybridz,...theres not alot of zcars up north here and far far fewer v8 z's,(if any at all..I've never heard of any)
  11. Well...I ordered the jtr book...How much difference is there between a z car and a zx car for this swap..I notice a lot of early zcars but not many zx's
  12. Just a quick thanks to the welcoming members...at this point of things I'm pretty much commited to doing this v8 swap...yanked original motor and tranny past weekend..anyone need a good used drive train?..lol...and Your right..there is a wealth of info in the treads..(never read some much on any one subject)...will keep things posted as I go..and again..thanks })
  13. I'm about to try this v8 swap into a 1982 280zx..but need some tech help if possible..did some research on the net..some great info..some not..I have parts of the swap all ready..350 cu.in block..700r4 tranny(out of 1988 chev van with drive shaft-wiring etc)..(not sure if tranny is good choice etc)...if anyone has detailed info or mount specs etc..all info would be greatly appreciated.
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