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  1. Sparks280zt

    TimZ Dyno Results

    Ballpark cost into this build?
  2. Sparks280zt

    1974 260z LS3 4l80E project for sale.

    Get it running and driving, I'd be a buyer.
  3. Sparks280zt

    72 240z 383sbc with many mods

    You guys should see it now.
  4. Sparks280zt

    Need recommendation for garage lift

    My dad had a bendpac for big rigs. No trouble and descent customer service.
  5. Sparks280zt

    Checking In

    240Hoke is doing the work, he documents everything very well.
  6. Sparks280zt

    Checking In

    Long time no post. Just an update on my car. Pulled SBC and on the process of installing LS2 set up. Bought Hawks mounts and long tubes. Getting harness from Chase Bays. Job transfer to WV, that's about it!
  7. Sparks280zt

    I have 2jz motor mounts!!!

    Count me in
  8. Sparks280zt

    Shop to finish 240z LS2/T56 swap

    Thanks bought mounts from Bruce at Hawks. Probably will use him to wrap it up.
  9. Sparks280zt

    Looking for an opportunity

    Oilfield is booming. I'd look on rigzone.com
  10. Sparks280zt

    Shop to finish 240z LS2/T56 swap

    Bump. Any other leads?
  11. Sparks280zt

    Shop to finish 240z LS2/T56 swap

    Looking for a shop on the east coast to finish up my swap. Engine and transmission will be mounted in car, car has been rewired with painless style harness, and gauges are full autometer sweep. Engine is 2006 LS2 from GTO with t56. I do have the factory ecm harness and drive by wire pedal. I plan on sending harness to speartech to have it modified. I have spoke with CIN Motorsports in Charlottes NC but they are backed up with projects for awhile. Any leads?
  12. Sparks280zt

    1973 240Z Score!!!

    Wow nice find. Where are you located? I saw the NC plates. I'm in Hickory.
  13. Sparks280zt

    Import Shootout at Silverdollar raceway

    There's a 50% chace I'll make it. Doubt car will be there though, pulling SBC sunday for LS2.
  14. Sparks280zt

    WTB s30 carbon fiber hood.

    Ended up purchasing a new Seibon hood off ebay for $600 shipped, looks great.