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  1. I have sold almost everything that was listed, including the body of the car. Once I get everything shipped out and get things organized I'll list more stuff in parts-for-sale, most of which will be smaller items. Thanks to all for the great response, and good luck with your projects. First race with the new car is end of February so a lot of work to do on that now. Tim
  2. Updated price and parts that are included. Tim
  3. I've apparently started selling parts now. I've updated the list of available components and will be keeping it up to date as things sell off of it. I'll also be adding the parts to the parts for sale forum. Tim
  4. I have now purchased a 1972 Porsche so I need this out of the garage to prep the new car for the spring season. If nobody wants it by the end of the year, it will be moving to the parts for sale section. There is a LOT of stuff to go with this car and I took the least flattering pictures I could to show all the warts and problems. I don't want anyone surprised by the car if they take it. I would really like to see this go as a bundle, it is a great project, I just have too many things going on to do it currently. All serious offers considered. Tim
  5. I added a link to photos and updated with some additional items included with the car. There is a lot more than what is listed. Tim
  6. 1975 280z project for sale. This car has a ton of parts and work already done. I started this to be used for NASA Time Trials, but am now more interested in Vintage racing. Pretty much nothing from this project is usable for vintage racing (1972 cutoff). The car is located in central Texas and I am asking $3k but am open to serious offers. The car: 1975 280z body is straight. Floor pans and frame rails professionally replaced. All insulation already stripped from car. I have fixed every spot of rust that I’ve found, it is currently a uni-body sitting on a body dolly (to be included if desired), so it can be moved around easily. I have a clear Texas title in my name. It would only take a few hours to have this car ready to be media blasted. Although not pictured, both the doors & the hood are in good shape and still with the car. The Parts (never run): · Arizona Z Car o Front hubs billit with long lugs (clear anodized, not grey) · Chequered Flag Racing stub axels with longer studs · 2 Polished valve covers · 1 polished diff cover Parts that are used or refurbished · Professionally rebuilt r200 limited slip diff with 3.90 gears with finned 300zxt diff cover · Original (working well) R200 3.55 open diff · Spare r200 open diff with 3.55 gears in pieces would need a full rebuild · 2 L28E complete engines & ECUs. One was running last fall when removed, the other was a spare that I never tested. · Datsun 4 speed transmission · All of the stock suspension Things missing: · Stock interior (I have a lot of it, but it isn't in very good shape) · Car has not been caged yet There are a LOT of other parts not listed like tow hooks, fiberglass bumpers, spoilers and removable Momo steering wheel and just a ton of miscellaneous stuff. I would prefer to sell it all together. I've added a number of photos to a dropbox so everyone can see some of what is on offer. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xnzplgkqcqqrqhu/AAD4KauraN_5V3IEAyiQZBFBa?dl=0 PM me if you are interested. Tim
  7. Mike, I can't wait to hear how your initial shakedown runs go. I've been following your and Matt's threads for 3-4 years now since I got my S30. Seeing you guys make progress on these amazing builds keeps me going on my car (a modest build by comparison). It is depressing when months go by and I don't get to do anything with my car due to work/life, but seeing you continue to make and share your progress really does do a lot for me and probably others. Tim
  8. Mike, while I understand the logic some people are presenting here, the reality is that sometimes changing direction is the only way to get different results. I'm not particularly in the SBC or LS camp, but clearly things have not gone your way on this project, which is sad. Your and Matt Isbell's build threads are the two threads I make time to follow. You both have astounding projects which always help me stay motivated on my project. It is easy to get stuck fighting the same problems over and over again or variations on a theme. Sometimes a somewhat significant change is the only way to look at the problem from the much needed different vantage point to resolve the issue. I tend to believe sunk costs are sunk costs, you need to look at what is the best way to move forward, not the best way to save invested efforts. Despite your evident frustration you seem to be doing a good job of making a plan to succeed rather than simply persevere or "stay the course". Kudos to you IMO. Even if you end up succeeding with a different car (not my personal preference FWIW) I hope to be able to follow your progress. This is completely irrational, but I had a similar experience 25 years ago with a '57 Chevy that simply didn't like the 327 I put in it. That engine had been fine in 2 cars before and 1 after but the '57 didn't like it (again I understand how irrational that is), did fine with the 396 after I got the steering linkage sorted though. Gook luck, Tim
  9. Mike, whichever way you go with the motor, I hope something good happens for you soon. You've had your share plus of frustration the last few years on this project. I'm counting on guys like you to have fun and set the standard while I've got my car apart and have another year or more before I can try to get back to the track. Best of luck, hopefully this will get sorted with minimal pain. Tim
  10. As sad as it makes me, I completely understand that. In software development we end up in a very similar situation. I for one am thankful for all the information you do share. I hope you have another successful season. Tim
  11. It looks like I'll answer my own question. The pinion gear for the 240sx VSS attaches differently, I need to get the pinion for the S13 VSS (and retaining clip), I guess that is what I get for ordering a new VSS rather than sourcing one from a pick-n-pull. Tim
  12. Here is the 240sx VSS that I can't figure out how to convert to a usable pinion gear. Tim
  13. Thanks for the reply, the 91' vss I got doesn't actually have a gear on it. There is D shaped metal axle (for lack of a specific name for whatever it is) that is installed where the pinion was installed in the original housing. I could take a picture this evening and post it. Is there more than 1 VSS for a 91' 240sx MT? (I suppose I could have acquired the wrong one.) I'll post a photo tonight if what I am describing isn't clear. The housing looks correct and should be easily modifiable to go into my tranny and wiring seems straight forward. Thanks again, TIm
  14. I have been searching the archives for a few weeks and found a post referencing the archives about using a 1991 240sx VSS. (http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/101763-putting-in-an-electronic-speedometer/?hl=speed+sensor&do=findComment&comment=953211) I've got the 240 VSS and the pinion removed from my old speedo cable output but I cannot find any additional references about the conversion. I've removed the roll pin from the 240sx vss but can't get the part out to replace with my pinion. Anyone have any idea what I need to search for to find some real information, I've been trolling around for a while on this now. Thanks, Tim
  15. I'm having a hard time finding the e-mail from John that I got, but a few months ago he still had them or could get them.
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