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  1. Bill...you need to put that thing on Turbosquid so I can buy it...looks really good. They take 50% of your profit, but it's easy to setup an account. I work with 3ds Max a lot, photoreal architectural renderings for the most part. I use Vray or Maxwell for my renders. I don't get into hdri's much since buildings don't really need all the reflections. I'd be very interested in a medium res version to play around with. Chuck
  2. Thanks for the reply Paul, looks like Z32 stuff isn't worth my time.
  3. I have an opportunity to finally get an S30. I have a 91 300zx NA lying around that's about had it. Is there anything worth while I can move to a 280z? I was wondering about the diff and maybe the hubs etc to get a modern set of wheels on it. I don't think I want to swap the V6, unless I could turbo it. My long term plans involve a RB26, LS1, 2jz, or maybe a 7mgte. Thanks, Chuck
  4. variable valve timing? they don't have that. i could see the ECU having something to do with it though.
  5. I'm not sure how this applies, but my 2005 Honda 600rr had a compression ratio of 12:1 and the manual recommended 87 octane. I never understood how they pulled that off. My RC-51 (1000cc Vtwin) requires premium and the CR is well below the 600, maybe 10.8:1. Does it have something to do with the cc's per cylinder? chuck
  6. Thanks for the link Bushido...that's a nice site. I'll have to see if my girlfriend feels like translating it...
  7. 280ZForce, do you have any other pics of that car? I've been trying to track down images of it for a while now... Thanks, chuck
  8. I haven't turbo'd a Z, but I have installed a draw through setup on my 79 RX-7. Besides the basic kit I also had to tap my engine for an oil line, take off the oil pan and weld on a connection for the oil return, and I installed a oil pressure guage, new fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator. I welded a bung onto my downpipe and installed an o2 sensor with an A/F meter mounted in the dash. You'll have to come up with a way to get the air/fuel mixture into the turbo first, then into the head. I'm not sure if anyone makes an intake manifold like that for the L24. I had two problems
  9. did someone say RC51? i have a 2001. the motor is great, but the bike is geared too high from the factory. i wonder how heavy that radial is.... i'm not a suzuki fan, but they released a cruiser with a modern vtwin. it actually has 4 valves per cylinder. the vrod twin looks pretty good too...
  10. My mom had a taurus with that front end a few years back...
  11. Nice ride, I know how you feel. I just saw the V8 Vantage the other day. Somehow it looks better to me than the 360s and 430s running around here... http://www.seriouswheels.com/top-2006-Aston-Martin-V8-Vantage.htm
  12. well, $1500 for the entire car changes things a bit. you'll have a lot more of what you need...fuel pump, all ducting, uncut harness, computer etc, all of the stuff that adds up. i'd rather try swapping in that motor than messing with turboing an L28. you'll probably spend more than $1500 on that motor trying to get it right. do a search for the VG swap, it's been done before i think.
  13. i'd reconsider using the v6. it's a great motor, but there are easier swaps out there with similar power potentials. a turbo L28 is a direct swap, but you'll have to do a lot of work to get it to 400whp. you should be able to pull off this swap with $3k, but i don't know if you could hit 400whp for that much. there's no way you can hit 400whp on a NA L28...and be streetable. i'm currently looking at 7mgte's and 2jzgtes. you won't be able to touch a 2j for $3k, but the 7 has potential. it makes okay power stock and can make a lot more with mods...just look at the head ga
  14. i second the wrx. it's a turbo, so there's a lot of fun to be had, plus it's AWD. pretty reliable from what i've heard...
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