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  1. Sorry for taking a long time to reply. thanks for all the great information. just out of curiosity on the rb bellhosing to ka trans, would the bell housing form the stock AWD rb25 trans work for that?
  2. so I have been digging around on various site for about a week and have yet to find a concrete answer. the 280z 2+2 im helping a buddy build is getting a rb25 and ditching the SBC thats already in it. the rb we are picking up is coming with an auto trans so we need a manual to mate with the engine. i was looking at the z31 trans, but i have been getting conflicting reports on whether it will mate and align properly with the engine. i saw the pinned thread about doing it, but the pictures are all broken so it was really hard for me to follow what he was doing exactly. would the 35
  3. so i found the problem, sorta. if i pick up the fuse block and turn it, i hear a click, and nothing works. after doing this a few times and setting it back where it belongs, everything started working again. I think its probably time for a painless kit.
  4. yea, no blown fuses. radio works along with the amp gauge. no tach, oil, fuel or temp
  5. Just like the title says, i installed a stereo in my 73 240 and now there are no turn signals or gauges working. I had a stereo in the car before and just used the existing wiring. any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
  6. Theses are the only 2 pictures i have of my setup. if you have any questions, let me know.
  7. My uncle had a 260 back when they first came out. got it with a dealer installed hitch and used to tow a ski boat with it
  8. i have 320,000miles on my l24, no rebuild, original gaskets, original timing chain. they hold up
  9. I had the same problem. i made a puller using a small puller, piece of Channel iron, and i big bolt and nut. worked good. mine was soo bad that part of the drum stayed on the center of the hub when the rest came off.
  10. makes some out of copper. works good
  11. I just had a quick question on the torque specs for the big inner bolts for the rear LCA, the two outer nuts for the spindle pin, and the 3 strut mounting bolts on the top. Thanks in advance
  12. Im making new headlight harnesses for them. im not sure what bulbs they are they say 9006 hb4. i think its from a j45?
  13. id love a hid kit for it. how much could you sell it for shipped to 95382?
  14. im actual thinking about mounting them to the back of the bucket and making a bezel for the front
  15. So a buddy of mine gave me these. i think they're out of a infinity. i was wanting some mounting ideas.
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