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  1. X2 for the detailed 8.8 solid axle install....Ladder bar? I'd trade all of my TTT stuff now for a good solid 8.8 installed, I cringe at the thought of a clutch drop, even with good IRS parts..... Nice start to your swap, should run great!
  2. I believe these are S speed rated. If I recall correctly, these are the radial version of the Volkswagon Bug tires (hey this is HybridZ after all...), so maybe they are rated to 80 mph! Not sure about the aspect ratio either (my brand of tires never state this, I guess this is why they simply refer to these as "165 metric radials") but I would imagine these are about 165/85 or so. I run these on the street and track with no issues and 120 mph traps through the 1/8th. They do well on big wheelstands too (I couldn't really tell a difference between the cheaters in this regard). There is however a considerable difference in street manners in my experiences from the barely street legal skinnies, which to me made me feel disconnected from the car, especially when running cheater slicks out back on sunny days.. If you regularly drive your car on the street and are ever caught in the rain you will be glad you had these front tires. Good tread that sheds water well, I really don't care about the additional rolling resistance.... You will have to decide whether exceeding the speed rating is an issue for you... I would be interested in other's opinions about exceeding the speed rating, say through the 1/4 mile- I have other friends running the same tire, no issues and these are very quick street/track cars with different power adders and setups, several of these cars do still run the quarter with these tires. I don't run the quarter anymore anyway since I've been banned in Ennis for no license so I'm really not worried about a few MPH over in the 1/8th. There is a safety factor built in with the advertised speed ratings anyway. I looked for the highest quality tire I could find and these were still very cheaply priced tires in comparison to the drag tires and are cheap enough that I replace them yearly regardless of the mileage for added safety (for whatever that is worth).
  3. If you like skinnies for the street (or even a drag car for that matter), it's hard to beat the standard "165 metric radials" for fronts on a 4 1/2" wheel. I've run this combo in my Fox body for years and is much cheaper than any of the M/T race/street tire offerings or just about anyone else. It's really hard to tell any difference in the 4 1/2" wheel vs. a 3 1/2" visually and they fit well and handle OK. Take that with a grain of salt since I like going straight 660 feet at a time and really don't care about corner carving, which you wouldn't do with this setup anyway. I guess the best wording is that they are "safe" for the street and don't offer much in the way of surprises, the car certainly feels better on the road with the slightly wider wheel/contact patch.
  4. If I start breaking axles I will go solid axle 8.8 and sell my TTT conversion. Hopefully it will last on sticky drag radials but I am worried with Ls2/cam/100 shot..I have some of the subtle z flares too (not installed) and have wondered whether the TTT setup can handle a bigger tire such as 275 drag radial or equivalent cheater slick. You have a very nice ride but definitely no sleeper but who cares. I like it and the intimidation factor.
  5. My 5 speed original knob from 1978 Black Pearl on Ebay now, current bid is $25, excellent condition with money back guarantee on quality. From what I have seen, there is no difference in shifter knobs from any other model Z of the same year.
  6. Doesn't matter whether this is the vertical defroster lined 240 style or later 280 style, only mandate is that defroster lines need to work. Thanks
  7. Exactly...That's what I plan for my fiberglass hood. That latch is a PITA and mine was always finicky, pins are the way to go.
  8. I have everything except the rod, would you sell just one of the rods (assuming these are not handed)?
  9. Need remote control actuating rod for passenger side, not sure if these are the same since I don't have it!
  10. I'm not much on the covers but they will probably look more like they belong after trimming. Right now, they look too big relative to the engine, but you know how opinions are....Post up some finished pics when complete!
  11. Nobody can make a light car these days either, which helps us a bunch. I weighed my car Sunday (LS2/T56 conversion like yours, 1978 car) and it weighed a shade over 2200 lbs. That's where these cars really shine and there is no substitute for Power to weight.....simple Physics. My car has a heavy TT short nose R200 conversion,350Z seats and 03 Cobra brakes, which weigh a ton. I was surprised by the weight, the only thing out of the car was the fuel tank. Aside from a few interior panels, how it sits now will be close to what it will weigh on the street. With gas and me in it, I don't see this weighing more than 2500 lbs at the track....
  12. You just have to love the insane power to weight ratio these cars enjoy when modded.........That is really quick.
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