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  1. I was having issues with installation of Fidanza flywheel onto my L28 crankshaft. Bolt holes will line up but not able to install flywheel onto crankshaft as the diameter on the flywheel is not as big as Crankshaft. I purchased the Fidanza flywheel from Jegs.com. Will provide pics soon
  2. Looking for Bay Area reputable transmission shop for 5 speed rebuild.
  3. Sorry guys for the late reply. I got R200 mustache bar for cheap with new bushings.
  4. Anyone got pics of zcardepot r200 mustache bar on their S30 chassis? How do you like it?
  5. Zip code 95050 1 Large short sleeve asphalt gray 1 Large black hoodie
  6. L28 n42/n42 Dual SU's MSA 6-1 header 280zx electronic dizzy Car runs Can I delete this hard line?
  7. I cut out an upside U-shaped tab where the floating nuts would be and bent it down. Then bent the tab holding the floating nut upwards. Changed out the floating nuts. Bent both tabs back into place.
  8. I ended up cutting the old floating frame nuts out bending the tab down and bending it back. JB weld the metal back.
  9. UPDATE: Got my transmission mounted back up. Engine is running but running too rich. I got the front SU carb to perfect air/fuel according to the Gunson tool. The rear SU carb is too rich even if I totally lean it out. Still perplexed, but determined to get it running good.
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