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  1. Yes, the 680G is officially For Sale. After 2 years building it, I unfortunately need to move it on to keep plowing ahead with the Alfarrari and 911 builds. In this video I do the final few touches to finish it off.
  2. This is my 3rd attempt at repairing my dash and hopefully the last. This time I have a go at flocking.
  3. Thanks mate. I had fun building this and I learned a whole lot on the way. It is great to now be driving it around and enjoying it.
  4. It was a long build, but my Datsun 240z affectionately know as the 680g is done. Here is the whole build from start to finish.
  5. The 680g is finally registered and in this episode I get to take it out on the road. Spoiler, it sounds awesome!
  6. I finally have my meeting with the engineer to see if he is happy to sign off on all of my modifications. Fingers crossed.
  7. Now the car is running I just have a few bits and pieces to sort out before I can get it registered.
  8. Thanks mate. It was built as a fun street car, and I think it will deliver.
  9. I finally sort out the running issues and no surprises it was my fault. We then tune it up on the dyno and get that final figure.
  10. In this episode I delve a bit deeper into the tuning issues on the 680G.
  11. Many of you have been asking me what is happening and I finally have an update for you, and some info on where I am planning to go in the future.
  12. It is finally time to do something a bit more permanent about my spray booth.
  13. After 18 long months of tinkering in the garage, I finally get to drive the 680G.
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