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  1. I finally get it started!!! Wooo Hooo!. I had to cobble some bits together, but it starts and runs!
  2. In this episode I finish off painting the last of the bits of the 680g.
  3. Glad it can give you some inspiration and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.
  4. This week I top up all of the fluids and finally try to start the 680g.
  5. Now you tell me I will jump it for now, but I may need to look into changing the brass fittings as apparently they have been known to fail after extended vibration.
  6. This week I try to burn the whole car to the ground...
  7. In this episode I finally do something about the suspension and ride height of the 680.
  8. In this episode Benny gives me a hand to bleed the brakes and I finish off the exhaust tips.
  9. In this episode I have a go at TIG welding a stainless steel exhaust for the 680g with a bit of help from Benny, aka The Mechanical Stig.
  10. In this episode I put a few finishing touches on the exterior of the 680g and some of them may be controversial.
  11. I have a set of Deutch connectors that I will replace any dodgy ones with if I need to.
  12. In this episode I go back and tidy up a bunch of loose ends on the 680g
  13. In this episode I attempt to sort out the birds nest that is the wiring on the 680g
  14. In this episode I try my luck at cutting and buffing the 680.
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