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  1. Now the car is running I just have a few bits and pieces to sort out before I can get it registered.
  2. Thanks mate. It was built as a fun street car, and I think it will deliver.
  3. I finally sort out the running issues and no surprises it was my fault. We then tune it up on the dyno and get that final figure.
  4. In this episode I delve a bit deeper into the tuning issues on the 680G.
  5. Many of you have been asking me what is happening and I finally have an update for you, and some info on where I am planning to go in the future.
  6. It is finally time to do something a bit more permanent about my spray booth.
  7. After 18 long months of tinkering in the garage, I finally get to drive the 680G.
  8. I have indents there, but no holes. I have been informed since that Aussie cars didn't have hazard lights. Or cigarette lighters for that matter, which is weird as they have an ash tray?
  9. In this episode I sort out my timing issues and tune the car using the colour tune.
  10. In this episode I fit a 123 distributor to the 680g to hopefully get it running properly once and for all.
  11. In this episode I revisit replacing the wheel studs and fit the sway bar and bushings.
  12. In this episode I fail to fit new wheel studs, but I swap in the new fuel filler and some other bits.
  13. In this episode I retrim the seats to match the rest of the trim in the 680g.
  14. In this episode I make up a complete carpet kit for the 680g
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