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  1. Corruption

    My 280Z

    This is it parked and all the damage I've got to fix
  2. Heh, no. I'm getting it and will part it if needed. If I do have to, I'll sell you whatever you need for cheap.
  3. My shop teacher has more experience than any mechanic I've ever talked to and I know my way around a suspension system as well. I've done a LOT of work on cars and I can definitely handle it if it requires a little work mechanically. The owner must have the title, he didn't do anything with it up 'till now. If it turns out to be too much, I'll just part it out then buy an in-shape Z. I'm beating myself up over the fact that I couldn't tell the difference, I feel so dumb right now.
  4. I hadn't even realized it's a 280. I should've been able to tell by the tail lights Also, what I was planning on doing was keeping this thing in business until I find a good shell to stick all of this into, I knew I couldn't keep this shell even I were to fix all the damage. It'd cost WAY less to get a shell than straighten the frame, get quarter panels, get a rear bumper, etc.
  5. I took shots of the major damage in the rear, the rear quarter panel where the wheel flare got smushed, passenger side shot, headlight scoop with damage, front bumper/hood, driver side headlight scoop with no damage, driver side scratches, interior shot through a lot of dust (sorry about that guys), and a shot from the back again.
  6. Talked to middle-man, he said the owner will probably hand it over or ask for about 100. I am so happy right now, I'm waiting for his call or to talk to him tomorrow. Hopefully he'll get the keys and we'll get it all checked out today. I wasn't able to take pictures today, woke up too late to find the camera, but I will take them tomorrow and hopefully have access to the engine bay and all of that with the keys. As I can tell, there is no visual rust that would be threatening. The frame still has a chance of being in completely fine shape and it HAS to run. SO EXCITED
  7. Liability only, 700 for 6 months for me having no license experience and on my mom's policy. It'll go down over time, obviously, and if it gets down to 10 bucks a month I'm keeping this car forever as my DD.
  8. Ok, really quick add-on question: How much do you guys think it would cost to insure a Z?
  9. Sadly, I didn't think of asking your guys' opinions on the car because all of this happened in my last period today and was too rapped up in trying to find out as much about it as I could. I will definitely take pictures on Monday so I can get some real advice on what steps to take in getting this thing done. Also, what I would do with it is drive it as much as I can, save up for a new shell and an RB25-26 then assemble it all together then, which would be in a year or so due to costs. If not a new engine, at least a new shell because the bumps are too in depth to just hammer out.
  10. Good news everyone: There's been a 1971-2 240Z behind my school for one year and 2 months because the owner got it an accident and left it there, seeing it everyday made me fall in love with Zs. The school is threatening to have it towed and he wants to get rid of it, I'm going to get in contact with him and take it off his hands. My shop teacher knows I love Zs and is making sure NOBODY knows about it so I'm assured ownership. It ran before he parked it, worst that could've happened is a dead battery and some still oil. I'll lube some parts if necessary, change the battery and get it up to running order. It's Manual, in blue but faded due to the sun and I can't wait to get it. Side note, the interior is in gorgeous condition and has gone untouched. I'm luckier than anybody I know for having the opportunity of getting this thing scott free and god I hope I do. I'll stay hopeful until Monday, I tried to find the proctor who knows the owner (an old Proctor who moved this year) and he was at lunch, and I'll get all the info from the guy to start the process of getting this car. Anything in particular I should look for in this car due to it's year of sitting that could lead to future hazards? I'll go through the engine, the trans, the mounts, the wheels, the shocks, and all the electronics before I decide to keep it instead of parting it. Thanks in advance, Ryan.
  11. Of course I meant used, I'm not that dumb. I'm gonna try to work up a few bucks, sell a few bits here and there. I'm looking around for jobs, have been since summer started. Turbo, you don't know the jealousy I feel towards you. I want to get a Z to work on, make my own, then slowly work up money for the car of my dreams but that's a pipe dream as of right now.
  12. I know I can't daily drive an S30, I was just giving some background. My parents wouldn't let me have that much power in my life anyway. Thanks for the ideas, crazy, I'll keep those in mind. It turns out my dad would be willing to take my 500 bucks as a down and get something from a dealership and I really hope we can get a low interest rate, but from what I've heard, it's seemingly impossible. Do any of you think it's possible to get a good deal from any dealership in this economy?
  13. Hi there, I'm 17 years old, tight for money, and need a car. I want a Z badly, 240 or 260 would be absolute, or a Miata just as hard. I am no ricer, I like imports, appreciate muscle for what it is, and am into cars for the history and the passion of it. I keep up with Formula One, GT1, BTCC, MotoGP, and LMS so I don't just look at cars and think "Oh wow man, that's great but have you seen my Honda?". I work on cars in my school's auto shop and would gladly settle for something that's rough around the edges, but with that I would require honesty about the car. A car that runs is what I need, manuals only, so I can get a job, get money worked up, fix the car up to where I like. My dream would be to get a Z, get the ZG flares, set up the suspension just right, stick an RB25DET in it, tune interior with a few modern updates, get the JDM fender mirrors, then douse it in the modern Z blue. If you can think of anybody you know that has a car like this or have one yourself please let me know and we'll work something out.
  14. So if I were to do an engine swap with an RB25 or SR20, what in all would I have to look into buying/putting in. I really want to get either a 240Z or Miata and stick one of these in, but I have no idea the process that it takes to stick it in. At first I was under the impression you could just stick it in and get it working. Do all of these come with injectors, manifolds, gaskets, oil pans, working transmissions, clutches, master/slave cylinders, etc? It looks as tough most of them do, but it seems like they wouldn't have all these parts available to buy unless you had to for it to be a completed swap. Also, in either the Z or the Miata, would I have to buy new engine mounts or wires to fit them as well?
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