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  1. Enough to know what I'm getting myself into! j/k Before Destination, Setup and TTL... about $10,000 My other bike is a DL650 V-Strom... which moves me from A to B (or A to XYZ given enough time off!) quite nicely. The Ducati, though, is the only bike I have owned that MOVES me. I actually went to buy a Monster S2R... but the GT1000 was talking to me and I couldn't say no. NO regrets, either. This thing is frickin SEX on 2 wheels (well... for me anyways).
  2. I haven't sold my car yet... so I'm still a HybridZ guy! Probably always will be! Here's my new toy:
  3. Wow Kevin! What's not to like about your car? I do hate to see mine go...
  4. Car didn't sell... but I didn't figure it would. Time to part her out!
  5. Agreed! I NEVER go there. I didn't even post the car for sale there. Waste of time if you ask me. Had AKWIKZ (Nismo73 over there) not pointed it out to me I would never have seen it!
  6. You guys crack me up! That's the one. It's pretty sedate. TonyD and Nismo73 did a good job setting things straight. I don't think it's worth my time to post a reply in that thread.
  7. You guys are right. The car will likely not sell on ebay. That's okay, though... I'm not hurting for the money... just the time. I have recieved dozens of emails about the parts, however, and can probably part it out. I guess the topic of my car came up on zcar.com ( ) and I was getting slammed by some of thier members (guys who I don't even know... go figure) because my wheel studs are too long. ~17k in parts and I'm being knocked for my wheel studs? Lol... that's why I like Hybrid.
  8. Your car! hahahahaha... j/k. Dude if I tell you that then my auction will go sour (see how many bids I have?). My reserve is set at $10k. Anything above and beyond that is cool.
  9. Thanks Joel... don't worry... I'll be around. Yeah... I've got about $17k in just parts! Nevermind the work that I have done on the body (well... the parts that are completed!). This is my fear, too. In the 24 hours since the listing posted, though, I have recieved lots of questions and have quite a few 'watching'. We'll see. I can probably make more money parting the car out...
  10. Tyson, I haven't posted the 510 up yet. I'm waiting to see what happens with the RBZ. But... It needs an engine wiring harness (for the L20B), carpet and the dash (don't have the gauge cluster) re-installed and it's pretty much good to go. The paint is pretty clean (done about 3 years ago) and it has a fiberglass hood, trunk and the BRE bubble flares installed. I also have the RHD wiper components and misc... I think I posted pictures awhile back.... 510 Post I'm thinking 3500 OBO... but we'll see!
  11. Thanks guys! Don't be sorry... something else will be in my garage soon enough...and it will be running!
  12. Hello All! I haven't been on the site much lately... life has been hectic (I'm preparing for a career change and don't have much spare time). My RB26 240 project (and my RHD 510) has been languishing in the garage and I just can't give it the attention It needs. It was a painful (six month long) decision, but I have decided to sell the project off. But that's not the point, the point is... Thanks for everything, HybridZ! I have met some great, life long, friends through this site and have learned a wealth of knowledge (technical and off-topic). I have delighted in seeing the projects of others grow and bear fruit. This site has been my E-Home for 3 years... and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Other forums would do well to follow Hybrid's Admin lead... but they won't and that is what makes this place unique! I'll make a point to pop on here regularly and 'lurk' Again... thanks to Super Dan, the Admin staff, the members, and the former members (the entertainment value) for making this place a breath of fresh air. Good Luck! Keith
  13. Nothing hardcore... but I love taking it out!
  14. I will definately pass on your thoughts and prayers. Thanks a million... Hybrid-Z'ers are a great bunch!
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