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  1. very nice project! i will check into the lead times for you.
  2. i haven't posted here in a while...thanks for the interest if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  3. A lot of info and data from enthapy's site http://www.rs-enthalpy.com/info.htm
  4. RWD SR20 ProStreet in a S13 with a GT4088R RWD SR20 ProStock in a S14 with a T25
  5. From the looks of it, we can provide parts for this platform We already offer two types of manifolds for the RWD SR20: -ProStock bottom mount stock turbo location tubular manifold available with internal or external wastegate. -ProStreet top mount manifold flanged for t3 or t4 sized turbos available with internal or external wastegate. I will post pictures of the manifolds shortly.
  6. custom gets my vote...easiest way to add or subtract pieces you may want. for example, you can add a high flow cat, change the # of resonators, determine muffler placement, figure out type of flanges to be used, tubing size & material etc.
  7. here is a s13 redtop ecu pinout doc and wiring diagram pic. good luck http://www.cm510.com/images/SR20DET%20ECU%20S.doc http://www.cm510.com/images/sr20det_eccs.gif
  8. a DE or DET motor that is running off the the stock ecu is very sensitive to vac leaks since its a MAF based system. this thread on the sr20forum should point you in the right direction...uses the FSM trouble shooting guide basically. http://www.sr20forum.com/showthread.php?t=38146
  9. Quad stage boost control works very well...quite a few of the high power turbo front wheel drive street cars have had tremendous success with them.
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